While you might see a lot on the news and other different programs about different charities from Toys for Tots to the Salvation Army to the Angel Tree, you may not be sure how precisely to sign your child up for these programs so you can give them the best Christmas possible. There are plenty of different Christmas charities to choose from—and you can get the Christmas help low income families need so desperately during the holiday season.

How to Sign Up?

First and foremost, you have to look at the Christmas charity that you're planning on going through. There are plenty of different charities—including some of the above that we mentioned, such as the Angel Tree, the Salvation Army, and the Toys for Tots program. There are normally two ways to sign up. However, this all depends on what access you have to the two ways to sign up and at times, you can even sign up the children of someone you know is going through a pretty rough patch. Keep this in mind whilst you're trying to decide whether or not it's time for you to sign up your little ones.

One, you can check online and find the website that represents the Christmas help low income that you're looking for. Then, you will find a signup sheet that you can use in order to sign up your child to receive a gift from that particular program. Sometimes schools send home papers to students who may be needing a little extra help, or you can check at your nearest location promoting the charity and then ask them what you need to do in order to sign up your child the next time that they have a drive.

Angel Tree

With the Angel tree, it's simple. You pick a name (or submit it), the clothing sizes, shoe sizes, and the age. This gives the person buying the gifts for the Christmas charity/Christmas help, low income program an idea of what age/ type of things that they should be looking for their angels.

From there, the person who picks it will go around the whole store, looking for things they think the child will like. As a rule of thumb, pick one outfit, one pair of shoes, a toy, and a book that's age-appropriate. You can buy more, but this is the best option for those that plan on buying a bit, but aren't sure what to get. If you don't have a lot of money, but still want to help, then take the time to pick out at least an outfit or pair of shoes. Something to help keep the little one warm this Christmas season. Toys for Tots and the Salvation Army are a bit easier to figure out, but they're still great charities.

Toys for Tots

If you are looking for a Christmas charity that is a bit easier to figure out, then Toys for Tots is better for you, vs the Angel Tree. The Salvation Army is another great choice. But, to put it simple, this Christmas help, low income families charity is another way to bring Christmas to a child. First and foremost, to sign your child up, you simply check online and request a toy via their website.

If you want to donate, it is a bit easier, albeit still requiring a bit of thought. You can choose either to give gifts that you already have at home, or you can opt to buy something new. Simply pick out a toy that is gently worn, as opposed to looking as if your dog caught hold of it, and then go from there. Take the time to pick something that you know a child can use—don't choose something cheap and likely to end up in a garbage can sooner than later.

Salvation Army

And then, you have the Salvation Army, which is affiliated with the Angel Tree, but not Toys for Tots. However, this is another one of the most popular Christmas charities that you can choose from. There  is plenty of Christmas help low income families can trust, but this is one of the best. You can sign your child up for many things online, if you just take the time to look.

You can also take the time to volunteer your time, if you feel the need to. These charities can really use the help of people who are willing to give up just a little bit of time each year. Of course, it won't seem like that big of a deal at first, but it could mean absolutely everything to the right child. Who knows—maybe you'll actually get to talk to one of the children that's going to be helped. You can volunteer for Toys for Tots, for the Salvation Army, or for the Angel Tree and it's going to make you feel great as well! You have so many different Christmas charities that you can choose from.

Volunteering is a Great Idea

Do not hesitate to volunteer. You have no idea how much you could help a child by simply taking the time to volunteer for one of the Christmas help, low income charities. There is sooo much that you can do to help if you just take the time! Keep this in mind whilst you're picking out the best charity for you to volunteer for.

These are just a few ways for you to not only sign your child up for the Angel Tree and give them the gift of Christmas, but also to make yourself feel good by volunteering or donating if you can. Many people don't realize what just an hour can do to help someone else. If just one whole city block donated an hour of their time, imagine the things that you could do! That's the best part of volunteering. It's ten times better than seeing your child on the receiving end! Although that is pretty high on the list as well! Keep all of this in mind while you take the time to choose what you will do!