Christmas ef="/Arts and Crafts">arts and crafts projects can turn into a new family tradition. Plus, it's sure to be a lot more figure friendly than just baking sugar cookies together. This can be something that you add to every year to really see your skills advance.

You could start off with something simple like a Christmas coloring book. You could all color a different page together every year. Make sure that each child signs their section so you can really make it quite memorable. You may need to copy it later on so all of the kids and yourself can have a copy.
This can be something that you use as display especially if you just want to decorate your home on a budget. Look for white canvases. This can be folk art or contemporary and still use simple silhouettes. Paint a tree shape in a fun color such as pink or purple. Then you'll want to go with simple circle ornaments and the kids can help you paint it as well.

Another option is just to use wall words. You can spell out your favorite Christmas saying or holiday carol. This can be in a sophisticated black design but it will still welcome in your holiday guests. It's one of the more expensive and impressive décor options that you can find and you won't even need to really paint.

You could also really use simple patterns and traditional colors. You could use several large canvases and paint them in a plaid. This could even be a basic holiday screen. It can be a more graphic way to bring this holiday cheer into your room. It's really important to skip snowmen and Santa clause kind of motifs so that your home décor just looks a little bit more contemporary and youthful.

Turn your memories into artwork. Sure you probably usually have a scrapbook out. However, you might just want to really change this up easily. You can do this just by changing out your traditional picture frame display. Sure, this is a subtle touch but it allows you to showcase your favorite holiday memories.

You might be able to find home décor and artwork that brings in this tone. This is going to be a more expensive way to go. However, it's really your opportunity to invest in holiday décor that you can use year round. If you aren't good at craft projects then maybe you could just try to go with shopping projects instead.

This could focus on popular mercury glass which is a staple in home décor trends right now. You could even go with stained glass because this often mixes both red and green color palettes.
Sewing is another useful hobby that can really help you transform your home for the holidays on a budget. In this case start with a simple pillow form. Then tie it with a ribbon. This can be temporary to mimic a present or you can just really sew it on for a more permanent look. This is something that you can use on your furniture for an instant update that you can get rid of when the holidays are over.