You can make your own christmas-writing-cards, even if you are not handy with the scissors, craft knife and glue. You just need a good computer printer, software and good writing-card.


christmas-writing-cards are so cheap that their cost is insignificant compared to the cost of posting them. You can buy cheap christmas-writing-cards for 2 cents each, but they are obviously cheap writing-cards.


If you are going to send writing-cards at Christmas, and almost everyone does, then think about making your own christmas-writing-cards this year, using your computer.


You can buy software that will provide all the designs you will ever need. You can personalize each writing-card with individual names and messages and make each card really stand out as something that shows thought and time spent.


There are two widely available Card Design programs, Hallmark Card Studio and Greeting Card Factory. Both programs are compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Only the Hallmark Card Studio software is compatible with a Mac.


Once you have bought the software you will never buy another Christmas, Birthday or Congratulations Card ever again.


The results you achieve using the software depend on the quality of the card you use and on your printer.


You need to use stiff card, 260gsm or heavier. This card will not go through a color laser printer without jamming. It will not go through a lot of inkjet printers either. You need an inkjet printer with a rear-loading slot. This means the card has a straight through path and it does not have to be bent over a roller to go through the printing.


Most Canon Inkjet printers have a rear slot and give excellent printing results for a reasonable printer cost. Canon printer ink usage and prices for original cartridges are less than other printer manufacturers, making them an excellent choice next time you are looking for a computer printer.


Mid-range printers give better color rendition than budget models, get a good inkjet printer, rather than a cheap color laser printer. You could buy the super, professional quality Canon pro 9500 Mark II, which is one massive printer with 10 ink cartridges, two feet wide and it will print poster quality A3 card, but it is expensive.


Unless you are using a Canon Pro 9500, you might have to stay away from intense reds, blues and purples over large areas of your card. The expensive printer handles these well. Mid range printer reds tend to be less vivid, and while this is fine over small areas it is less satisfactory over a whole card.


Experiment with vellum papers as outer layers for your cards. The effects are awesome, particularly with a snow-covered landscape. Vellums are translucent and the white card inside the vellum outer shows through. Ink takes a long time to dry on vellum papers because they are not very absorbent, so be careful how you handle the printed sheet.


Remember that you will need to buy envelopes as well. Buy no more than two sizes so that it is worthwhile buying in bulk for the lower prices. Then make all your cards to fit the envelopes you have.


You need two other pieces of equipment; a creasing board and a guillotine. The creasing board is a low-cost item that has scoring marks in it that will make it much easier to get a clean crease in heavy card. A guillotine will give you a clean cut when you are trimming inner sheets to fit within an outer layer.