Christmas cheerCredit:; By deegolden

We have all, at one time or another, found ourselves having escaped from something dangerous or possible tragic. Whether it be from a threatening illness, a near drowning, a near fatal car accident, we all have our stories. This can be looked at as a second chance to do some good in gratitude for the time that we have been spared.

For some, this may be something they have just escaped by their own good luck. For others, it is a sign of what good we should make of what we have been spared.

Good fortune can be looked at in so many ways, but sometimes a brush with misfortune puts our heart back into perspective. We are not just lucky, but maybe chosen, to spread some goodwill or Christmas cheer to someone who needs a bit of it their way.

Sometimes we need a reminder that we are very fortunate, after all, if we look not too far around us, we can see lots of misfortune, tragedy even.

Is it so hard to spread some compassion, joy or Christmas cheer in a world that is full of broken people and broken lives? It is not. And that being said, it does not take much.

There are so many widows, and shut- ins and cancer patients that some of us know by name. Some of them may be family members or nearby neighbors. Others may attend our churches or have attended services as long as they were able to.

We've forgotten what Christmas is all about and we can try to cover it up with buying gifts and attending Christmas parties to create good cheer. Regardless of these things, in the back of our minds, we still cannot forget, even with the endless hours of decorating we do, the widow, the shut-in, or the lonely, frightened cancer patient who only see how much lonelier they are around the Holidays. Who will bring them Christmas cheer?

The challenge I offer to each and every reader who hears the thoughts I suggest to them, is to just think of one lonely person this Christmas. Whether it is to bring them to your Christmas dinner spread, bring cheer to them in a nursing home, or visit them in the hospital, it will make your holiday much better to spread the happiness of the holiday to someone who really needs to feel it! I hope that some will join me in making Christmas truly what it was meant to be.