Although the summer has just passed and the first autumn rain drops just started to fall from the sky, there's no way to deny that the Christmas feeling is already taking over your heart, one day at a time. So start using your imagination and this year prepare some awesome Christmas gifts for your loved ones. It's the best way to say Merry Christmas! if you give Christmas craft gifts.

You know best what your friends like, or what they would wish to have, or simply what would make them happy. But instead of buying something impersonal, then give them Christmas craft gifts. Use your skills and creativity to fulfill their wishes, because something you bought will never have the same meaning as something you've actually made yourself. When you put your heart in a gift, you simply can't go wrong.

You know your friends, so this list of Christmas craft gifts is more general. But if you need a few hints or ideas for some gifts, then here are some ideas which might be suitable to some of your friends or relatives:

Ragdolls. Why spend hundreds on dolls in plastic which may be harmful to children, when you can sew a unique ragdoll at home? Unlike synthetic dolls which can only be used by kids for playing, ragdolls look nice enough to be placed as decorations in the children's rooms when they years later get bored or tired of playing with dolls. A ragdoll made by a loving family member will not end up at the attic, or even thrown away.

Gloves, scarfs and caps. During the cold winter season all will appreciate a scarf, a warm pair of gloves, or a nice cap. How about that you make some yourself at home this year instead of spending money on common commercialized models at the store? You will improve your crafting skill and make your loved ones happy as well.

Photograph frames. You don't necessary need wood to make a beautiful photo frame. You can make one from cardboard, cover it with colored or white paper, paint it over with metallic paint and you'll have an awesome frame in no time! If metallic frames won't fit with the rest of the room where the photograph will be placed, how about you try with some shells, broken tiles or seeds? If you're thinking of making a photo frame for a child's room, you could even cover the cardboard frame with plastic pearls or beads. The results are always delightful.

Christmas cookies. A Christmas without Christmas cookies is not really a Christmas; and Cookies should not be missing from a Christmas table under any circumstances. So bake plenty, for yourself and for your guests. But how about making a lot to give away in small decorated boxes to friends and relatives instead of Christmas cards. It doesn't take long to bake some extra delicious and beautiful Christmas cookies. Your options for shapes and forms are countless: you can bake Santa Claus cookies, snowman cookies, snowflake cookies, Christmas star cookies, candy cane cookies, Christmas tree cookies, and so on.

Make this Christmas a special one; do not buy any gifts! Do not waste your time on shopping the very last days before Christmas, and do not waste your money on commercial gifts. This Christmas be certain that you give away Christmas gifts that are truly appreciated. Give Christmas Craft Gifts!