If you love to do crafts, then your favorite season is fast approaching. Christmas crafts can make great gifts as well as great decorations, and some can become treasured mementoes.

But what Christmas crafts do you make that can be used again and again each year? Well here is a great Christmas craft that is great for kids and adults, and will get a few squeals of delight as you add another one to your collection and see the one from last year.

Collage Ornaments

To make this Christmas craft, you need to decide on the type of ornament you want to display your collage on. You can use plain round ball ornaments, but one I found that worked well were those cut out flat wooden shapes you can get at the hardware store or craft supply store.

Things You Will Need

These flat wooden shapes, make a great base for your collage and Christmas crafts. Here is what you will need:

Flat wooden shapes that are at least 2 to 3 inches wide, such as hearts, and Christmas tree shapes and star shapes work well too. I found the hearts worked the best for me, when creating these Christmas crafts.

A drill (to drill a hole in the top of the wooden shape for the ribbon)

Decoupage glue or white craft glue


soft brush

varnish (water based is best as it does not yellow)

pictures of yourself or your kids, friends or relatives or pets.


white acrylic paint

red ribbon (for hanging ornament when done)

Step 1


Drill a small hole for the ribbon to feed through.

Take your white paint and paint the wooden shape front and back. (This seals the wood)

Now take your pictures, photo copy them or print them in black and white on your computer printer. (you can do color, but I find this has a great effect in black and white)

Cut out either just one pictures or a few pictures to be able to overlap the paper and fill the wooden shape front and back.

Take your decoupage glue and or white glue (if using the plain white craft glue, mix in a small amount of water to thin it slightly) and your brush and brush some glue on the wooden shape, then on the back of your pieces of paper, then quickly place the paper on the wooden shape.

Using your brush, brush more glue on and be pushing out any air bubbles at the same time. Continue with more pictures, overlapping until you have filled your heart or wooden shape. Make sure you wrap paper around the edge of the wooden shape, so that both sides are full.

Brush a layer of glue over the completed project, and also put a pin through the hole if you covered it with your paper to open it.

Once dry, coat with two coats of water based varnish. This will protect it for years and give it a great shine that gives it depth. You can also get a porcelain gloss at craft stores that makes them look like china, which also has an amazing effect.

Feed a colorful ribbon through the hole and hang on the tree. You can use a sharpie type pen to put the date along the edge.

Do some of these Christmas crafts each year, and you will have a great Christmas crafts collection and see the difference in the pictures from year to year. This is great for kids, especially when they pull out the decoration again the next year.

Why not get started now? Or at least collect the necessary supplies you will need before the stores get busy for Christmas crafts supplies.

These Christmas crafts, make great gifts for Grandparents and other relatives.

This not only makes a great Christmas Craft, but can be done all year round. Just change the color of the ribbon, and your kids can make a collage of themselves to hang in their room.


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