Christmas Day in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and South America is just another summer's day, but in Europe and North America it is mid-winter.


An enthusiastic gardener can always find a morning's work in the garden, even on Christmas Day.


Christmas Day is a wonderfully quiet day in the garden. It is a wonderful day to enjoy the garden's peace and tranquillity. Get out there early before the neighbourhood children are outside playing with new footballs and riding bikes.

Christmas Day Garden Odd Jobs

It is a day for quiet jobs to allow you and any other local gardeners to enjoy the silence of Christmas morning in the garden. Leave the chain saw, the wood chipper and the leaf blower until another day.


There will be probably be leaves to sweep up and put away to break down for next year. Leaves need two or three years to break down into leaf mould. They need to be left undisturbed because they are broken down by anaerobic bacteria, which thrive best when there is no oxygen. Never turn your leaves in the same way you turn your compost.


You can turn your compost heap. You will soon warm up with the effort of tossing half a ton of half-finished compost.


You can always saw up or chop up some firewood, just leave the chain saw in the shed. Use your bow saw and think of the exercise, as well as the benefit to the environment.

Christmas Day Garden Maintenance Jobs

Run around with the hoe, chopping off any weeds you can see just below ground level. Be careful not to hoe any biennials like Honesty that are over-wintering and will give you flowers in spring.


Cut off any tree branches that have been getting in your way since summer. Put them behind the shed to season and dry out before you turn them into wood chips.


If you have any seasoned woodchips or rotted leaf mould you can spread that as a mulch around your roses, between shrubs and on your vegetable garden.


If the soil is workable, and not frozen solid, Christmas Day is a wonderful day to do any digging that you need to do in your garden.

Christmas Day Garden Reading

Of course it might be too cold or wet to spend time outside in the garden. If you are trapped indoors, make yourself a pot of tea and sit down where you can see your garden. Dig out the seed catalogues and spend one or two hours making lists of the seeds and plants you need for next year.


Christmas Day is a bit late to be thinking about spring bulbs, but the perfect time to plan summer bulbs. Lilies and dahlias will not be planted for a few months yet, so now is the time to choose them.


Order your seed potatoes and onion sets at the same time to save on postage. Websites are open Christmas Day, so you can place your order now and it will arrive in January.