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This year, save some of the Christmas decorating for the kids. After all the holidays are times to create memories and what better way of doing that than working together and getting the whole family involved. This is  a great way to start a new family tradition that can be passed on to future generations. 


Christmas Decorating for Kids: Craft ideas

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Paper Crafts and Cut Outs

There are so many different Christmas  decorations that can be made by kids with things as simple as construction paper, pencil, scissors and a bit of glue or tape. 

Snow Flakes are possibly the most widely crafted Christmas decoration for kids. Just a few snips out of construction paper and the kids can create a one of a kind snowflake to display on the tree, windows, fridge or wall. Snowflakes definitely are not the only fun Christmas design that can be made - the possibilities are only limited by ones imagination. If the creative gene seems to be on the fritz don't fret, patterns for an unlimited amount of  simple kids crafts can be found online through numerous sites.


Homemade Christmas Cards 

Some construction paper, scissors, glitter (optional), glue and crayons or markers and you have the makings of some very personal and unique holiday cards.  Each card can simply be colored by the kids or they can cut out seasonal themed shapes and designs and paste them on to really add some pop to these simple card crafts. 


Mini Presents Make Fun Kid Crafts

These craft projects for kids are so simple yet so cute. All this entails is wrapping small boxes in wrapping paper and ribbon to create adorable little decorations that can be displayed just about anywhere as a main focal point or to accent other Christmas displays. Glue on a loop of string or add a hook and they can also be used to decorate the tree as well.  If you are extra crafty you can make your own little boxes out of left over pieces of cardboard or sturdy construction paper. 


Candy Cane Critters

A handful of candy canes, some colorful pipe cleaners, craft eyes, some ribbon, a few dabs of glue  and miniature colored cotton balls and you have adorable little candy cane critters. These partially edible kid decorations can be used in a number of ways but some of the most popular ways are: hung around the Xmas tree, hung along strands of hanging garland. 


Paper Chain Garland 

Paper chains, most of us made them at some point in elementary school, can be made using Christmas colors to create a decorative garland. These can be used on the tree or hung just about anywhere in the house. These can be fun for kids to put together and gives them a chance to take part in getting the house Christmas ready. 


Handmade or Painted Ornaments 

Pre-made kits for handmade or paint ready ornaments can be found readily at most craft stores. You can also buy items separately for the kids to craft there own decorations. An idea for crafting your own decorations separately is: styrofoam balls, decorative jewels, glue, glitter plus hooks and securements to create your own hanging ball ornaments. Alternatively with some thicker cardboard and stencils the kids can create their own really personal ornaments - just be sure to have a way to secure them and items on hand to decorate them!

These ornaments make great keepsakes that can be passed on to future generations or gifted back to your child when they become adults with homes of their own to decorate. 


Christmas Decorating for Kids: Get Them Involved

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It can be easy to get excited to see all the decorations up that you rush through putting them up. If you take your time though this is a perfect opportunity to get the kids involved with this years Christmas decorating. 


Decorating the Home

There are many ways that the kids, of all ages, can help with Christmas decorations. Some simple things that the kids can help with are: setting up table centerpieces, handing ornaments to mom or dad, taping up Xmas cards or other pictures, plus many other tasks. For younger children -- helping them set up displays or centerpieces or giving them a hand hanging decorations can still create good holiday memories. 


Decorating the Tree 

Let the kids hang their own crafted ornaments or last years ornaments on the lower branches of the  tree while you focus on the higher branches. Hanging up candy canes, tinsel and garland can also be other fun Christmas decorating activities for the kids. Don't forget to let them help when it comes time to place the star or angel on top of the tree. 


Importance of Christmas Decorating for Kids 

Holidays are some of the best times to create family memories. Memories that can travel with your child through childhood and well into adulthood. When kids take part in creating the spirit of Christmas in the home these events can not only invoke stronger more personal memories but it also helps teach them the importance of "family" time. This is a message and memories that can, in the years to come, be passed on to their own children through stories and actions.