If you are the type of person with the Christmas spirit and tend to find yourself decorating a lot in preparation for the season, then you will love this post. I am the type of person that always gets into holidays like this one. I feel that its about enjoying life and the tie that has been given to you. If you don't get into the season, then I feel that you are really missing out on the fun. Anyway, there are all kinds of things that need to done if you want your home to look as festive as possible. Not too mention all of the presents that need to be purchased in order to please your family. If you find the time, why not dress your dog up a bit too. A lot of people simply give their dog a bone or a Frisbee, but not me. I tend to take it a step further in that I dress my dog up. You see, some dogs really think that they are humans too and my lab is one of those canines.

It's quite funny – this dog really thinks that she is a human. She sleeps in the bed because she thinks that she is too good for the floor. I guess I don't blame her because I would probably feel the same way. It's just like feeding them table food, they don't know what good is until they taste it and then its hard to bring them back to consuming dog food. Well, it goes the same way with sleeping in a dog bed. Anyways, what I have been wanting to get to talking about is my dogs Christmas apparel. Whenever we host our annual party she will whine until someone puts her outfit on. Another thing that she really likes is her Christmas dog collar. I don't know how she knows or whether she knows, but the more new things she gets, the happier she gets. I usually buy the christmas dog collars at my local pet stores, but there are plenty of places online as well. One average, they are actually pretty cheap, but then again it really depends on what you want and where you get it from. I usually don't go for to of the line, but that's just me. Those that want the utmost quality should probably do a few searches online in order to find what they are looking for because most pet stores just have medium grade stuff.