Christmas door decorating ideas

don't have to be complicated or expensive. There are many ways to add holiday cheer to your front entrance without spending a fortune or needing lots of artistic talent. Here are some easy, cheap ways to decorate your front door and exterior entrance for Christmas:

Plants always look nice around a front door entrance. The Christmas season is no different. One of the easiest Christmas door decorating ideas is simply to buy a few potted Christmas poinsettias and place near the front door or along the steps leading to the front door. Even two Poinsettias- one on each side of the door, will give a holiday feel to visitors as they approach. Poinsettias don't do well in cold weather, so only use them outside if you live in a warm climate. Or buy artificial poinsettias to place outdoors. It is possible to find realistic looking ones. And they can be used again each Christmas.

Also, you can buy one or two small potted pine trees. Place them on either side of the door and decorate them like Christmas trees. Better yet, buy artificial potted evergreen trees to put by your front door for Christmas. Christmas themed topiaries also look nice by the front door. Both can be used every year and are inexpensive Christmas door decoration additions.

One of the best ways to decorate a Christmas front door is simply to place a large red bow on the door. Or go the traditional route and hang a beautiful wreath. Add a door hanger with a Christmas theme. A holiday welcome door mat is all that is needed for a complete front door Christmas makeover.

Speaking of door mats, they are one of the easiest and cheapest Christmas door decorating ideas. Christmas welcome door mats add a holiday feel to your front door and are utilitarian, too. There are Christmas door mats in all styles, colors, and price ranges. Choose from traditional Victorian mats, cute Christmas mats with popular characters, country mats, you name it. It is possible to find a door mat that fits perfectly with your Christmas outdoor decorations and that will mesh perfectly with the theme of your Christmas door decorating ideas.

Christmas wreaths hung on the front door are also available in many sizes, prices, and themes. You don't have to settle for the traditional evergreen wreath with pine cones and a big red bow. There are so many wreath choices available nowadays. If you don't find a wreath you like, it is fairly easy to make a custom wreath. Try a wreath that reflects your region- like maybe a wreath made from seashells if you live on the coast or bright, shiny magnolia leaves if you're from the southern United States.

Garland always looks nice draped over the top of a front door and down the sides at Christmas. There are many several styles and a lot of them are inexpensive. Several are even pre-lit. Some operate on batteries. Add your own Christmas decorating touches by attaching pine cones, battery operated lights, candy canes, or miscellaneous holiday decorations.

If your front door entrance is sheltered from the elements, a cheap but effective Christmas door decorating idea is to wrap up empty boxes in bright Christmas wrapping paper. Decorate them with pretty bows and ribbons. Place the "Christmas gifts" neatly arranged by the front door. Be sure to weight the boxes with rocks or something heavy before wrapping them. You don't want your pretty 'gifts' blowing away.

If you own or can make an inexpensive Christmas tree skirt, it adds to the festive look. You can even prop up a teddy bear or doll dressed up in winter clothes or wearing a Santa outfit displayed on top of the 'gift boxes' or sitting beside them.

If you have an old sled, this makes the perfect front door Christmas decoration. Simply decorate it with garland, bows, pine cones, fake wrapped gifts, or Christmas lights. Or decorate it with all of these ideas.

Luminarias are very easy and cheap to make. They are a perfect Christmas door decorating idea for kids to make. Simply buy small brown lunch size paper bags. Cut out or use a paper punch to make pretty designs. Weight the bottom of each luminaria bag with about two inches of sand. Add a votive candle in the bottom of each bag, anchored in the sand. Then line the paper bags along the sidewalk or path to your front door. At night, light the candles for a soft, welcoming glow. Technically, this isn't a Christmas door decoration, but it does lead a festive holiday path right to your front door.

This next idea is, in my opinion, the ultimate out of all of the Christmas door decorating ideas that I have ever done. Simply put, turn your front door into a giant wrapped Christmas gift. It's very easy, quick, and cheap.

Just cut wrapping paper about one two inches longer and wider than your door. Then apply long strips of double sided tape to the back of the wrapping paper to secure it well. Carefully apply the paper to the front door. Next, fold the edge under even with the door. Pull it back slightly to apply double sided tape all along the edges of the door. Then use ribbon applied with double tape also. The ribbon can also hide any seams that may show if the wrapping paper wasn't big enough. The finishing touch is a huge bow or make an extra large bow out of several normal sized bows.

Ta da! Your front door is now all wrapped up for Christmas. The best type of Christmas wrapping paper for this project is foil or one of the more sturdy wrapping papers that don't rip. If you don't want to do this yourself, they actually sell inexpensive kits just for this type of Christmas door decoration.

Hang stockings on the front door for Christmas. Add names of family members to the stockings if you wish. The stockings can be hung with no damage to the door using inexpensive, reusable adhesive hooks.

Any of these Christmas door decorating ideas are easy and inexpensive. Try one of them or a combination for a unique and festive holiday welcome at your front door.