Christmas themed door decorations can make your home fun and inviting during the holidays. Though these decorations are simple to do and can be created to match a number of decorating styles they are often and unfortunately overlooked. 

So, when the spirit of the season hits you and you start the annual dig through the attic in search of the Xmas decorations keep an eye out for some of the decorations below and spread the cheer to the outside of your home this year too. 


Holiday Wreaths

Decorative Christmas Door WreathSelf created or store bought, Christmas wreaths have long been one of (if not the) most popular Christmas door decorations of choice. With dozens of styles and colors to choose between it is easy to find (or make) one that fits your decor preferences.  Since these can also be easily crafted with tree branches from the yard, some twine or ribbon and last years ornaments or other xmas decorations they can also be a fun and inexpensive Christmas door decoration idea.


Posters and Banners

Christmas themed posters or vinyl banner can be great door decorating ideas for the holiday season. They can be found in an assortment of themes, sizes (from standard to full door length) and styles so there is a good chance one can be found to fit personal style and color scheme. These styles of entryway art are often easy to find, put up and remove -- making them ideal for the come and go holiday. 


Christmas Cards

Decorative holiday cards can be posted on the door individually or several used at once to create a decorative holiday door masterpiece. Depending on how your door is designed cards can be posted all along the outer edge of the door creating a non-intrusive seasonal frame.  Alternatively a single card, often posted above or below the peep hole, can still add an air of holiday cheer to an otherwise plain door. This decorating idea is both cheap and easy to do - the cards can be last years leftovers or whatever you have on hand. 


Christmas Cut Outs

You have probably already seen these decorating the doors in your neighborhood because cut-outs have been quite popular for many years and are used during several different holidays. Santa,  snowflakes and Christmas trees are a few of the most popular. These can be found individually and packages at most retail stores (during the holiday season) and stores that specialize in holiday decor or crafts. 


If you are looking to save a few dollars however, you can find several online sites that offer free printable Christmas cut outs that you can print directly from your home computer, if you happen to have a printer. Just about every design, color scheme and motif can be found if you search enough. Don't forget to bookmark when you find a site that offers just what you are looking for!



Garland can be wrapped, strung up or framed around doorways to create eye catching Christmas door decorations. For an even more catchy design wrap the garland in those extra lights left over from the tree and make your decor easily seen even at night time. Another catchy idea is to attach bows across the length of the garland before hanging up for a more appealing look. Yet another easy alternative is to decorate the garland with hanging ornaments of your choice. 




String of Christmas Lights(64514)Strings (strands) of lights can often be almost effortlessly hung above or around the door giving a nice but not to overbearig holiday look.  Strands can be found most commonly in mixed red, white and green or solids such as: clear (white), red, blue, green, pink. 


Wrapping Paper and Ribbon

Using wrapping paper and ribbon as your Christmas door decorations can turn your door into a giant present.  Each of these can be used alone but together they create an even greater Christmas feel.


Just about any style or design of wrapping paper will work but if you are looking to decorate so that the neighbors notice -- consider using a metallic colored paper or foil paper. You can find these with designs and also in solid colors that fit the holiday mood. 


Christmas Door and Knob Hangers

Most craft stores (retail stores too!) carry a selection of holiday related door hangers. You can find a selection of hanging bells, plush holiday icons, decorated boards hangers and much more that can be hung directly on the door or ones created especially for door knobs and handles.  


You can easily find pre-made Christmas door decorations online and in most retail stores that carry Holiday ornaments. So if time is sparse and you need decor in a flash drop by your local walmart, Michaels or whatever local stores are available or jump online and check out the door decorations available online through major sites such as Amazon.