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Are you looking for fun and interesting Christmas facts that will get kids even more excited for the holiday? It may seem impossible to get little ones even more ready for Christmas, but why not share some fun facts that will teach them even more about this beloved holiday? You may feel like your arsenal of information is running low, but there are plenty of little-known and interesting Christmas facts that you can share with kids to not only gear them up, but educate them, as well. So sit down around the tree, get everybody in their pajamas, and spread some holiday cheer!


Sure, you hang them up every year – but do you know why those red and white socks are adorning your fireplace? This is one of those traditions we don’t really think twice about, but wouldn’t you like to share the true meaning behind stockings with your kids? The traditional actually originated in England. The story says that St. Nicholas stumbled upon the stockings of three poor maidens hanging over the fireplace to dry on Christmas eve. Since they were to be married, St. Nicholas left them bags of gold in their stockings as a special surprise to pay for their weddings. Since then – children have hung up their stockings hoping to get toys and gifts inside, as well! This is one of those fun Christmas facts that you’ll want to share over and over again!

Spider Web for Good Luck?

If you went downstairs and found a spider web on Christmas morning, you would probably knock it down – right? Well according to this next selection on our Christmas facts list – think again! There is an old tale from the Ukraine that talks of a poor old woman on Christmas morning. Since she was too poor to afford real decorations, she was delighted to find the spider’s had spun webs around her tree, making it look beautiful when the sun shone in. Now, it is considered good luck to find a web on Christmas.

Santa’s Homes

Christmas facts about Santa are always favorites among children, so this one will be sure to bring a few smiles. Did you know that Santa has more than one address? He actually has two! One is in Edinburgh and one is in the North Pole. For children who send their letters to Santa and address them to “snowland” or “toyland”, they go to Edinburgh. Anything addressed to the North Pole goes to… well… THE NORTH POLE!

Cookie Box Ornaments

This is one of those Christmas facts that not even mom and dad will know! Remember the Barnum and Bailey animal cracker boxes? You know; the ones with the caged animals on the front and the yummy, crunchy cookies inside! Well, they also have a string on them which you may have thought was just for easier carrying. But think again! These boxes were actually made in the 1800’s so that they could be easily hung on a Christmas tree! Bet this is one of those Christmas facts that made you say “I didn’t know that!”

Santa’s Many Names

Children all around the world refer to Santa as something different – so sharing these Christmas facts with kids will have them thinking globally! Italian children call him Babbo Natale, which means “Father Christmas”. In Morocco, Santa is known as “Black Peter” and little Dutch children call him Sinter Klaas. Kids will certainly get a kick out of these silly names, and it will be even more fun to explore your heritage and see what the children from those countries call Santa. There are plenty of names for Jolly Old Saint Nick out there, so if you’d like even more Christmas facts… jump on the web and explore!

Christmas Tree Lights

While decorating the tree, why not share some Christmas facts with the kids? Christmas lights came into play 3 years after Mr. Edison introduced lights to the public in 1879. It was actually his assistant, Ed Johnson, that thought Christmas tree lights would be a bright idea. In 1882, his lights were introduced and the public absolutely loved them. Ever since, they’ve become one of the most popular Christmas decorations. While the strand lights we use today weren’t introduced until a few years later in 1895 – the concept was all thanks to Mr. Edison and Mr. Johnson!

Rethink Busy Shopping Days!

If you’re like most people, you may consider “Black Friday”, aka the day after Thanksgiving, as the biggest holiday shopping day of the year! But think again! While kids may love going out in the hustle and bustle on Black Friday – it’s actually not the busiest day! The holiday season is obviously the time when the most people are out shopping – but can you guess when the craziest days to hit the mall actually are? The two busiest days are actually the Friday and Saturday prior to Christmas day. Talk about putting things off until the last minute!

The Twelve Days of Christmas

This one is not the most complex, but next time you are sitting around singing carols – this is one of those Christmas facts you can pull out and give everyone a chuckle. Have you ever sung “The 12 Days of Christmas”? It certainly takes some time to go through – but did you ever think what it would be like if you got all of those presents? Birds, turtle doves, swans, drummers drumming – that’s a lot of stuff! If you did receive each and every day of gifts – you would end up with a whopping 364 presents. That’s almost one of each and every day of the year!

So now that you know some of these interesting and fun facts, start sharing! If you’re still looking for more – hop on the web. There are plenty of different websites out there that are chock full of interesting and unique facts that kids will love. And hey – they might even have the adults joining in the fun, as well! So share these Christmas facts at your next holiday gathering or small get together and you’ll have everybody in the holiday spirit before you know it!