Christmas Gifts for TeachersIt's that time of year again. Holiday plays and parties at your children's school and your little ones asking what they will be bringing their teacher for Christmas. Holiday and Christmas gifts for school teachers are a wonderful idea, not only in celebration of the holidays but also as a kind gesture to let them know that all that they do for our children means a lot to us and our little ones. Teachers always appreciate any gesture no matter how big or small. The problem tends to occur in trying to decide what type of holiday or Christmas gift to get for them. We are often not around our children's teachers much and tend to know little about them beyond what our children tell us.

One guaranteed way to get a Christmas gift for your child's school teacher that they are sure to like is to find out more about them and the things that they enjoy. Most classrooms have a home room parent who may find this information out and share it with other parents. Usually in the form of a questionnaire. If your home room parent has not done this you may want to suggest it or even make a quick questionnaire yourself that can be filled out by your child's teacher and then copied and sent home with the entire class. Here are a few great questions that you may want to include:

Favorite Restaurants
Favorite Place to Shop
Favorite Color
Favorite Flower
Favorite Past time

The list is a great lead for ideas on Christmas gifts for your childs school teachers. You could now get a gift card to your child's teachers favorite restaurant or their favorite place to shop. The list is meant to give you a better idea of who your child's teacher is and what they like. You can then sit down with your child and come up with a holiday or Christmas gift that their teacher is sure to love. If the idea of having your child's teacher fill out a questionnaire just wont work for their classroom setting here are a few other great ideas for Christmas gifts that could work for almost any teacher:

Gift Cards- The great things about gift cards is that they come in such a variety of options. Here are a few great gift card ideas:

General: Starbucks, Target, WalMart, Visa, Amex, Home Depot, Ebay, the grocery store. These types of gift cards are convenient to pick up as they are located in the check out stand of most major retailers.

Staples or Office Max- Often during the year teachers run out of supplies and end up having to buy them themselves so they would definitely appreciate any help that they can get to purchase these supplies.

Gift Cards to a local nail salon or spa for female teachers are always nice Christmas gifts. Also gift cards to places like Bed, Bath & Beyond are well liked by female teachers.

Male teachers may like gift cards to sports retail stores or tickets to local sporting events.

Barnes and Noble or Borders Gift Card- If they don't buy a book for themselves they are likely to buy one to add to the classroom library so this is a great Christmas gift idea if your thinking about getting a gift card for your childs teacher but are unsure on what store to get one for.

The list of places to buy gift cards is really never ending. Gift cards are also great because they almost never go to waist, at some point or another they will be used and you want to get a Christmas gift for your child's teacher that they will use, not something that will just be tossed aside.

Classroom Supply Gift Basket- A basket of needed classroom supplies is always appreciated. This is another question that can be added to the questionnaire so that parents are aware of the supplies that their child's teacher is running low on. Put a few items in a holiday basket and wrap it up with a nice bow.

Treats- Almost everyone loves treats, so you cant really go wrong with this one. You could purchase a box of chocolate from Sees candies or create your own assortment of Christmas candies and wrap them in a decorative basket. Another cute idea is to purchase a clear glass jar and fill it with candies that are holiday/Christmas colored or wrapped. Tie a big colorful Christmas bow around it and your all set, this is a great Christmas gift for teachers because they can keep it on their desk and enjoy the treats throughout the day.

Baked Goods- If your good at baking, homemade goodies are a great and affordable Christmas gift for teachers. To make the gift of baked goods more festive you could wrap the item in clear wrapping paper with some colored candies or curled ribbons and tie it up with a cute Christmas bow.

Personalized Christmas Ornament- Many malls have Christmas carts that sell Christmas ornaments that are really cute, original and can be personalized. They have all sorts of adorable ornaments, even specific for teachers with a school theme. Personal Creations also has great, personalized Christmas gifts online.

When it comes to getting holiday or Christmas gifts for teachers it really is the gesture that means more than anything else. Your child's teacher is not expecting some lavish Christmas gift. In fact, they are probably not expecting anything at all so don't feel that you have to go all out, especially if you cant afford it. Many people are on a budget this year and it is extremely difficult to buy gifts for everyone. Don't feel bad if you cant purchase a Christmas gift for your child's teacher this year. There are many great ways you can let your child's teacher know how much they mean without giving them an expensive Christmas gift. Here are a few great ideas for Christmas gifts for teachers that cost little to no money:

Homemade Christmas Card- Have your child make a homemade Christmas card for their teacher from supplies you have around the house- construction paper, markers, stickers, ribbon, glitter, etc…. Homemade cards are really sentimental, time is actually taken to create homemade holiday cards and that is very heartwarming to teachers.

Mini Scrapbook- Your child could make their teacher a mini scrapbook, this is a wonderful Christmas gift for teachers and it's practically free. Take any pictures you may have from class activities and have your child compile them into a small scrapbook. This could simply be made out of construction paper as well. Punch holes in one side of the complied pages and tie them together with ribbon. You could help your child think of things to say on each page or you could look up great quotes together that can be added to the book.

List of Love- Have your child list all of the things they adore about their teacher or things their teacher has taught them. Teachers always love to hear just how much they mean to their students and that they are making a difference in their lives.

No matter what remember that Christmas and the holidays are just an extra time to thank our children's teachers. Teachers deserve gratitude no matter what time of year it is, the holidays are just another great time to express our appreciation for what they do day in and day out. Hopefully, these ideas will help you and your child decide on the perfect holiday or Christmas gift for your child's school teacher this year.