The perfect gift ideas for the nerd in your life

Giving them gifts they can really use

Well it is just a few weeks until Christmas and maybe you haven't started shopping yet or maybe you are ahead of the curve and have just a few odds and ends left.  Regardless, you will find great gift ideas here that your loved ones are sure to love on any budget. 

Great Gifts Under $100

First on the list is the Roku 2 XS.  So, what is it?  It is a tv set-top box that connects to your HD TV via HDMI or standard AV cables and allows you to watch Netflix, Hulu, listen to Pandora or even play Angry Birds.  It can actually do a lot more than that and it is a living device which means that it is always being improved by automatic firmware updates.  Any AV Geek is sure to love this one. The cost is $98 on Amazon. 

Next for the video geek is the Flip MinoHD which is a rugged , portable full HD video camera that fits in your pocket and takes excellent quality video.  The coolest thing about the Flip line of cameras is not only the quality of the video, but the ease of use.   Once you've shot your video just slide a lever and a USB adapter comes right out of the camera to let you transfer video to your computer either by copying off the drive it creates or through the specialized included software.  One of my favorite things about the Flip line of cameras is that they have an option that is free that lets you store your video in your own personal online cloud account. 

One more great idea for anyone who may already be working with digital video, Photoshop or other files is a good quality external hard drive.  This can be used for both storage and backup.  Hard drives have dropped dramatically in price in the last few years and now you can get a 500 GB hard drive for less than $100. Seagate has made hard drives for as long as computers have been available to the general public.  A good option if you are looking to give the gift of storage is a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex drive.  Right now on Amazon they are less than 90 bucks.  Your loved on is sure to really love this for archiving family movies, photos, music, financial records and anything else you need to protect.  

Have a happy Holiday season and a Merry Christmas!