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Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Grandparents

What comes to mind when you think about your grandparents?  Are they the “warm and fuzzy” types that you find in several movie and book characters? Perhaps they are the “young at heart” types who enjoy a busy and active lifestyle. No matter what they’re like, consider yourself very lucky to have them! People who no longer have grandparents know what a tremendous void it is in their lives and they would probably give anything in the world to see them one more time.

This Christmas why not do something special for your grandparents. Give them a gift they would never expect but would really enjoy. Take some time and think about their hobbies and interests then build a theme around that. The odds are pretty good that you know your grandparents well enough to surprise them with something they’ll love. If need be, you can get your parents involved, with some time and effort you can probably come-up with a perfect gift idea. But just in case you’re stumped, here are some unusual and interesting Christmas gift ideas for the wonderful people you get to call your grandparents (for funny gift ideas see the article “Fun Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents”).

Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Homemade Scrapbook/Memory Album

This is such a wonderful and personalized gift to give and receive. First, ask everyone in the family to participate (that includes aunts, uncles, and cousins, anyone who is close to your grandparents; if you have a small family…you can also ask friends). Next, have each person create one or more pages to put into the scrapbook. Each page should contain photos and a special message from the person who created it. One person should be in charge of putting the book together and everyone should return their pagers to him/her by a specific date (in time to put together and wrap).  It would make it extra special to take your grandparents out to dinner and ask everyone involved with the book to attend (if possible). Then you can present the gift to them in front of everyone.

Their Top 5 Favorite Movies

What are your grandparent’s top 5 favorite movies? What about their favorite actors and/or actresses? If you don’t know, have a little chat with them and find out, but don’t be too obvious. Then on Christmas morning surprise them with their favorite movies. If your grandparents don’t have a DVD player, ask family members if they would be willing to chip-in to purchase one for them.

Candle Warmer with Scented Candle

If your grandparents love the scent of candles but you worry about the possibility of a fire, give them a candle warmer with their favorite scented candles (in jars). If you’ve never heard of a candle warmer, the concept is simple; the base warms and melts the candle, releasing the scent without having to light a flame. For more information, including photos, on this new way of using candles, see the article “Enjoy the Scent of Candles Using Candle Warmers.” 

Ballroom Dance Lessons

If you have grandparents who love to dance, get them to the nearest dance studio and give them some ballroom dance lessons. You can check with local studios and find out if they have classes that cater to seniors. This is a great way for them to have fun, get some exercise and meet other people.

Facebook page

Create a Facebook page for your grandparents and teach them how to use it. Not only is this a great way for them to stay connected with family members and view current pictures of grandchildren, but it doesn’t cost a thing (assuming your grandparents have a computer).  Be sure to keep the privacy level high and check on them every now and then to make sure that only the people they want as “friends” are on their Facebook.

Gym Membership

Help your grandparents stay active and healthy with a gym membership. Several gyms have programs and classes geared toward senior citizens. You can purchase a 6-month or one-year membership and depending on the gym, you might even get a deal for yourself!  

Personalized Quilt

A very creative and personal gift is a personalized quilt. Use important dates in your grandparent’s lives and create squares. For example you can make a wedding cake square and add the date of their wedding, or you can make baby blanket squares and add the birth dates of all their children. If you don’t know how to make a quilt, you can find several websites that will make them for you.

Homemade Anything

From jams, jellies, cookies and cakes; you can make your grandmother’s favorite treat and put it in a nice tin or basket. Include some other small gifts that go with the food items and add a note or poem for an extra special and personal touch. You can also purchase food items that can be shipped to them monthly, such as the Fruit of the Month club or others (there are plenty, just check online).

Take them on a Getaway Trip to a Favorite Locations

Whether it’s a B&B or a camping adventure, plan a trip to your grandparent’s favorite place.  Invite the entire family. Not only will everyone have a great time, but you will all take home memories to last a lifetime. This is also a great way for children to really get to know their grandparents or great- grandparents.

Give Them Your Time

Your time is one of the most precious gifts you can give to anyone. If your grandparents live close, commit to visiting them at least twice a month or perhaps even once a week. You can help around the house, but more importantly, you can just sit and chat with your grandparents and keep them company. But beware not to make these visits about you! Keep the focus on them and what they want to do.

These are all wonderful Christmas gift ideas for grandparents, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Take some time and really think about your grandparents, then try to come up with a gift that they’ll love this Christmas. It may take a little time and you may need to get together with them for lunch or dinner to learn more about their likes and dislikes. However, whatever it is you need to do or spend, just know that it will be all worth it! Imagine what it will feel like when you see the look of surprise and happiness on the faces of your grandparents this holiday season, that is priceless!

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