If you are trying to find some great Christmas gift ideas for kids, especially ages 6 and up, then why not check out these really cool interactive t-shirts? These are really cool. Also a note here, there is actually no age limit to these interactive shirts, even the big boys can have them too!

What a great way to get kids to like clothes! You may actually have a hard time peeling these toff the kids for laundry day. But they are pretty tough and durable and fun to wear.

This interactive tee, looks just like a regular shirt, nice cotton, comfortable, but when you clip on the mini amp (comes with it) the guitar comes to life. It is really easy to play (no frustration with kids) Each button on the neck of the guitar is actually a major chord. The sound quality is actually pretty good.

You can play all kinds of rock and roll and many classic hits. It is not pre-recorded music and songs, where you would press a button and a song would play, you actually control the playing with this interactive guitar. All that is recorded is the major chords from a real electric guitar, and with the mini amp you clip to the bottom of the tee or waistband of paints, you gets lots of great sound. How cool is that? You need AAA batteries to keep this going, and there are special washing instructions.

Ideas that won't break the bank and will still give them a thrill can be hard. These electronic guitar shirts are cool. Usually running around 29.00 dollars.

Guitar Shirt



Kids Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt - Small
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(price as of Jun 21, 2016)
these are a really cool gift.

If the guitar tee is not enough noise, how about a drum kit shirt that actually plays?

Rather than just getting a cool t-shirt with a picture of a drum set on it, or a band name, you can get them a cool t-shirt, with a picture of a drum set, that actually plays 7 sounds. You tap the drums with your finger, and out comes a great sound. These interactive shirts have become quite popular, and are another idea for your shopping list. If you are a musical family, then you are going to love these!

The trick is the battery pack with a speaker that is hidden in a special pocket near the bottom of the shirt. The shirt is cotton and comfortable to wear. The volume is adjustable, and all you need are 4 AAA batteries.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids - Where to Get Interactive Shirts

You can get these shirts online at such places asThinkGeek.com or Amazon or even Ebay. They have size charts, and also have these interactive shirts in men's sizes. Just think you could form a band.

Buying online

When buying online, you need to pay attention to the delivery dates, and order by dates, to make sure and get your interactive shirts before Christmas. Some site will take credit cards, but sites like Ebay will usually use PayPal.

So, maybe, if you like to buy something different each year, then add these new interactive play shirts, such as Kids Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt to your list for Christmas gift ideas for kids this year, and get shopping early.