Christmas gift ideas for young children are often easier to think of than for anyone else. There is an abundance of choice, and many of the products, compared to other Christmas gift ideas, are relatively cheap. Scooters seem to have made a mini revival this year, and are available from many children's retailers. Although they are not too cheap, they are fun and slightly different for Christmas gift ideas. There are also a number of other toys, but maybe gadgets like the Nintendo DS will be a big seller. Not as traditional as Christmas gift ideas for younger children, these gadgets are becoming more and more popular as time goes on.

As films and TV shows influence many of the toys released, it is no surprise that High School Musical may be a big influence on Christmas gift ideas for girls this year. The John Lewis website in particular has things like a sing along microphone and board games which are fun and cheap Christmas gift ideas. Films such as Hannah Montana the Movie and 17 Again starring Zach Effron are good Christmas gift ideas for younger children and once you have the film, other toys and games can be bought around them. When thinking of Christmas gift ideas, especially for young children, inspiration can be drawn from the TV programmes and films they like.

For the boys, Star Wars and Transformers have readily lent themselves to Christmas gift ideas in the form of Lego and character figurines. These toys and Lego are the more traditional element to young children's Christmas gift ideas, and have been big sellers for years and years. Sport is also helpful when thinking of Christmas gift ideas for young boys. Football shirts are not that cheap, but children's sizes are usually more affordable, and any young football fan will think of this when coming up with Christmas gift ideas.

Transformers - A Great Gift for Children

Another element of Christmas gift ideas for young children is learning toys. There are a number of Christmas gift ideas online that are games designed to help children learn things like their times table and spelling. There are many sites that sell counting games, spelling games and games on how to tell the time. At affordable prices, these Christmas gift ideas are not only fun, but educational too. For children who have just started school, these types of Christmas gift ideas are ideal for helping youngsters do some enjoyable, extra learning.

At one point, the Nintendo DS may not have been appropriate as a Xmas gift idea for young children, but with the amount of learning material now available on it, that perception seems to have changed. At around $180, it's not particularly cheap either, but as Christmas gift ideas go, it could prove to be a good investment. Always there to alleviate boredom, it can be a lifeline for parents. A new DSi version is now available, and could be very popular compared to other Christmas gift ideas because of the amount of interactive involvement it offers users. However, it is expensive, and young children will probably not notice the difference between that and the original DS. As a long-term present, you could do worse for Christmas gift ideas.