Writer Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are looking for Christmas Gift Ideas for the writer in your life you are probably having some difficulty. In this article we’ll discuss some great gifts you can buy for the writer. When it comes to buying gifts for that scribe you have plenty of great choices for presents.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on most of these gifs and they will all be appreciated by the writer in your life.

A Writing Journal

Writing on Paper

While most witters use a computer such as a laptop when writing a nice paper journal is always a  great gift. You can get one with a fancy cover if you like. Be sure to buy some nice pens to go with it. The art of writing is now mostly in digital form on a keyboard but there’s just something special about writing words by hand into a little book. I used a journal on my recent summer trip across Canada. Another idea might be to sign inside the cover for that added touch.

Writing Books

There’s plenty of writing books out there such as Writer’s Digests Article Handbook which is one of my favorites for article writing and there’s many others too. Writers are always learning about the craft of writing so check out your local book store or online for some writing books. Some other ideas would be a good dictionary or thesaurus. If your writer friend is in the process of writing a novel a book on novel writing or editing would be a nice gift too.


A writer can always use some good writing software to help with the writing process or to stay organized. One I use quite frequently is the free YWriter but there are many great commercial programs such as Dramatica Pro.  Many writers are now doing dictation as a way to write more material in less time with programs such as Dragon Naturally Speaking or even on Windows with the voice recognition feature.  There are plenty of choices when it comes to software for writers.

Apparel and Accessories

It’s always nice to get a good mug with a writing logo on it or a T-Shirt that displays to the world you’re a writer.  You can go online to places such as Café Press or Zazzle and make your own gift to give your writing friend. They have buttons, shirts, bags, electronic gear, and just about anything else you can think of to put a logo on.

General Writing Supplies/Magazines

If your writer friend sends out plenty of queries each month they probably go through tons of paper and envelopes. A nice gift would be some paper, envelopes and some ink for their printer. You could buy some nice specialized letter paper too.  If they are disorganized buy them a decent filing cabinet for all their papers. There are plenty of magazines out there for writers and my Favorite is Writer’s Digest. This would make a great gift for the writer in your life at Christmas. You could include the subscription in a card or make it a stocking stuffer.


Other gifts for the writer can include portable USB drives for carrying their writing with them or a backup drive for all their work.  If you can afford it, a nice Netbook is always a great option. Of course the ultimate gift for the writer would be a brand new laptop

You Can Buy Great Gifts

There are plenty of great Christmas gift ideas for the writer in your life. Use your imagination and think of what they like. A great writing book, a nice journal, writing supplies, a good mug, writing software and other gifts would all be appreciated by the writer in your life.