In this article, I am going to provide you with some excellent Christmas gift ideas that are suitable for everyone so you find the perfect Christmas gift this Christmas. It makes Christmas just that little easier and saves time worrying about trying to find the perfect present for your cousin Alex when you just look at the list and think ah, video games or soccer equipment like balls. So read the following Christmas gift ideas, and get some inspiration for Christmas presents or you may call it Xmas!


  1. Board Games - Get the family playing together this Christmas with some classic board games like monopoly or more modern takes.

2. Sat Nav - Get to your destination on time and stop getting lost with a Sat Nav.

3. Video Games - Everyone loves them now, look out for Kinect, Halo Reach, Call of Duty , PS Move, Fifa, Madden, Wii games, the new Nintendo 3Ds and more amazing games.

4. Sports goods - Soccer/Basketball/Golf/Ice hockey/Baseball/American Football all have items to buy for fans and sportsmen.

5. Fitness equipment - Help get fit and healthy with gym equipment like treadmills and dumbbells!

6. Perfume - Women, girls and teenagers all love perfume and remember there are male perfumes too.

7. Clothing - Same as above!

8. CD's - Everybody likes music whether pop/rock/country/opera/classical/blues/jazz/world. Music is a gift to share and do so this Christmas and make someone happy!

9. Films - Everybody loves watching a film and there are films everyone will like from age 2-102! The latest blockbusters or old classics. I recommend Inception for a new film or also The Invention of Lying is quite funny.

10. Apple Ipod - The universal MP3 player. Whether you go for the new Ipod Nano with video or the awesome apps on the Ipod Touch,Ipad or Iphone, it's all good! All the Ipods are excellent and you can't go wrong.

BONUS GIFT IDEA – The The Awesome Amazon Kindle is a very hot product and I have got one and they are great, letting you take 1000's of books on the go, with many classics free and cheaper than normal books as well as features like reading across devices, an excellent screen, built in dictionary/thesaurus and much more – it really is a cool gadget!

I hope you liked this article and found the perfect Christmas gifts for 2011 while reading it and have an amazing Christmas period and a Happy New Year!

Have a merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy your Christmas gifts!