Technological products have become a part of everyday life. Known for being both time-saving and useful, they are much appreciated gifts. Most electronic gadgets are not cheap, but they definitely make great gifts. You know that it is something that the person will use time and time again, since they are both useful and glamorous “toys“. A former US president used to give friends an electric toothbrush as a present, because he knew they would think of him first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Similarly, the person you're buying for will be thinking of you every day when they pull out their nifty gadget.

According to the experts, these five gifts are bound to be a hit this year. Most were introduced in 2012 and are at the top of many people's wish lists.                

At this point and time, it’s safe to say that the Apple iPad is the #1 choice of tech-savvy professionals the world over. Known for its advanced retina screen and superfast processor, the iPad III was unveiled to the public in March 2012. If the cost is a little more than you would prefer to spend, the iPad II is another good choice, having fallen in cost compared to its sleek younger brother.

The iPad is a creative workspace for writing, recording and taking photographs.  It is also designed to be used in coordination with other Apple products, like Apple TV (see below). 

The Kindle Fire is a reasonable alternative to the Apple iPad. Amazon has released both a 7” and nearly 9” sized tablet. They aren't as technologically advanced as other brands, but the price is right. They are a definite hit for the first time tablet user who wants to get acquainted with the new tablet technology. Going, going, gone!

Apple TV is another innovative product which was released at the same time as the iPadIII and makes a more enjoyable home television system.  The iPad and iPod may be used as a liaison between Appldirect to your home television system to view high density (HD) quality movies from Vimeo, Nettflix, as well as iTunes and others internet related features, known as streaming. If you don’t own an iPad or an iPod, simply use the remote controls that come along with the Apple TV system. It's one of the best streaming media options available on the market today.

Sonos Play 5 leads the way in wireless systems. This is one of the newest technologies available – wireless sound systems!  Imagine a home stereo system in every room of your home, without having to deal with unsightly wires or holes in living room walls.  This new technology interfaces well with other Sonos products, and can even be used as a media streaming service to your home television.

Kinekt is for those who love video games, no matter what the age. Game technology has been dominated by motion control, which was the Nintendo Wii's former claim to fame. Now, the leader in motion technology is the Kinekt Xbox 360, which enables the casual or experienced gamer to create motion and get results without any hand held control. Games are played and won through the player's physical body motions in the most limitless and imaginative of ways – the sky is the limit!