Christmas is a Time for Celebration

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner and shopping hassles start again. Once we find our bargains, we then have to stand in those never-ending shopping queues to pay for them.

Christmas GreetingsCredit: TPhotosAlthough there is a simpler way, why not shop online. This not only saves you time and frustration it is quicker too. More important, you can look at the reviews of the products, whether good or bad before parting with your hard-earned money.

Finding the right toys for our children is not easy either. Therefore, I have selected a few toys that are both fun and educational. In addition, they are suitable for both boys and girls with a growing family.

These toys will not only encourage learning and motivational skills, the kids will have fun interacting and creating their own ideas too. I have also included the good and bad points with these toys.

Fun Cash Register

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

This toy is solar-powered therefore saving power costs. Not suitable for little toddlers as it has small choking objects.

Children love things with buttons so they will have fun pushing these in the beginning. As they become more used to the cash register, they can play shops with their friends, and in the process will learn to add, subtract and give change.

At the same time, they will be learning and having fun especially older children, learning numbers would appreciate playing this with real money, giving them experience that is more realistic.

It comes with enough play money and plastic coins although if lost you could substitute with similar cheaper ones. This cash register also has a credit card like adults use, that you can swipe through a slot in the register.

Play Calculator and Cash Register

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register
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(price as of Oct 22, 2015)
Every child will have hours of fun playing with this and their friends. Has large numbers for little fingers and loads of money to play with

Great Play School Set

Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set

All kids love to play the teacher so this play school set will give them a real start to school life. Everything packs into a sturdy tri-fold board. It pops up and ready to use in seconds.  You can stand it on a solid table or on the floor for the younger children.

It comes complete with everything that a real live teacher uses. It has a calendar that shows the weather and a clock with moveable hands. This has enough pencils, eraser, crayons and the hand pointer showing what they are studying on the board. It even has the school bell to ring when school is out.

Watch out Nan and Pop, I bet you will have to join their classroom, on your next visit.

Learning and Playing School

Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set
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(price as of Oct 22, 2015)
Not only will your children enjoy this, their friends and grandparents can also join in the fun. Sturdy

Educational Drill Activity Centre

Educational Insights Design and Drill Activity Centre

This will toy will not only build your child's imagination and creative skills it helps them improve their hand and eye coördination.

It comes with its own Activity cards that children can follow the designs and use their own creativity and use them. It has a solid reversible drill, which may cause difficulty for the tiny kids. Also, complete with the drill bits, wrench and activity board.

Most kids will enjoy interacting with the drill just like Dad, going forward and backwards. If there are several children, one child can undo the screws using the screwdriver or wrench while the others take turns with the drill. Younger ones may need help with this, as it is more difficult.

The pieces are not too small and come in a solid box for easy storage. It could also be great for kids to play beside their fathers in the shed.

Work Beside Dad with this toy

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(price as of Oct 22, 2015)
This will probably suit the boys more although a lot of girls enjoy tinkering with tools too.
This comes with a drill that reverses. A screwdriver and wrench.
Then of course there are all the bits to do up and undo which is where the kids have all the fun

Colourful Magnetic Toys

MindWare Imaginets

This is another great toy to challenge your children's imagination. The bright and colourful blocks are magnetic, therefore, easy to place on the magnetic board for the younger less coördinated child.

The board allows for easy use of dry erase crayons, reducing waste of paper. Then, there are 50 coloured designs to challenge the kids, including many other structures for them to enjoy.

This all packs into a sturdy carry case with rope handles, which makes it easy to pack up and take to their friends or away on holidays so they are not bored.

Conclusion:  It does not matter which of toys you choose although you may want to look at ones that get your children moving and off the lounge. Or they may like a skateboard. Remember the main thing is to enjoy watching and playing with your children.  Life is so short, so enjoy this Christmas together with fun and laughter as a family.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

MindWare Imaginets
Amazon Price: $51.84 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 22, 2015)
This could be a start to going green, as there is no wasted paper. You draw on the board then erase it when finished.
Plus you have the beautiful magnetic blocks which are great for the smaller less coordinated fingers.