If you work as a manager or supervisor, or if you own your own business, then you likely have office staff and employees on your Christmas gift list. As a business owner, you might have less of a need to buy individual gifts since it is common for a business to give bonuses to employees at Christmas. However, this does not mean that you cannot give gifts to each and every staff member or at least the members on your team, if you are just a supervisor.

 The easiest way to give Christmas gifts to office staff and employees is to get something big that everyone can share. For example, you might want to order in a few different fruit baskets for each department or for the office in general. That way everyone can pick something out that they want. This is obviously not very personal, but it is an easy way to get gifts for everyone in the office at once and can be a real life saver if you have a very large staff or a high number of employees.

 A ticket voucher to a local movie theater is a popular item to give as gifts to employees as well, since most people like going to see movies. Generally this give should include vouchers for two movie tickets and maybe even concession stand vouchers for two.

Christmas Gift Cards

Gift cards are another excellent Christmas gift choice for employees. You can choose a gift card at a place where everyone can find something that they like, such as a gift card to a local mall or to a general merchandise store such as Target or Wal-Mart. You can even get grocery store gift cards or Visa gift card, which work just like cash.

 If there are any special events or attractions in the nearby area, you can give tickets to those things as Christmas gifts to your office staff. For example, if there is a botanical garden or conservatory with special exhibits then you can give tickets to that. Or if there is a theme park or dinner theater in the area, you can give tickets to it as office Christmas gifts.

 For companies where the stress level is high, you might want to consider giving gift certificates to a local spa. However, this might not be too popular if you have a largely male staff. 

Personalized Christmas Gifts For Office Staff

If you prefer to actually purchase a product, then you can give every staff member a box of chocolates, a membership to a fruit-of-the-month club or a small gift basket of their own. You can also opt to give each staff member a personalized item, such as coffee mugs, engraved desk clocks, passport holders or business card holders. 

The best employee and office staff Christmas gifts really depend on what is appropriate for your business. For example, if most of your employees are older then tickets to a theme park are not likely to be well received. And younger employees might not be too excited about getting a business card holder. Knowing your staff allows you to make the best gift choice.