Here is an idea for a handmade Christmas gift for Grandparents. This craft is easy and fun.

Don't you enjoy receiving gifts that were made special, just for you? We do! That is why we carry on that tradition with our 7 year old, son. We like to have him make something special for his Grandparents for Christmas each year. We used to give our family picture in a nice frame, but how many of those does one really need?

This year for Christmas, we wanted our son to make something that would represent his personality, from his heart. What better than to give Grandpa and Grandma pictures and art from their little angel!

We decided on hand made ornaments this year! Our son is getting old enough now, to be creative and decorate more independently. At first, we thought of the idea for him to create his own ornaments. Then, after brain storming, we decided it would make it even more personal if we added photos.

We still supervised and there were times where mom took control of the glue gun, but this project still allows the children to create on their own. This project is suitable for children age 6 and up. Supervision is still recommended

Items you will need for this project:

* Glass ornaments (to decorate)
* Hot glue gun
* Ribbon
* Beads
* Pictures (1 inch x 1 inch in size)
* Box of sticky glue tabs (for scrap booking)
* Time, patience and love

Here is what we did:

We bought a container of 6 glass ball ornaments. (The ones that you can decorate)

We also purchased some beads and several different colored ribbons.

We printed out small, 1×1 inch pictures of our son, about 6 different pictures, 2 of each one.

We then cut out each picture and glued together the duplicates with the sticky glue tabs. (This way, however they lay inside the ball, you can see a picture).

We folded them gently (this was mom's job) and pushed them into the glass ornament along with a piece of ribbon. We glued one end of the ribbon to the inside of the mouth of the glass ball ornament.

Then, with a glue gun, our son glued ribbons and beads to the outside of each ornament.

You can also use a piece of coordinating ribbon to tie a loop onto the ornament. This way, the receiver can immediately hang it on the tree without having to find a hook

This gift is from the heart and it was a fun to create together!