Gifts For Guitar Players

The season is almost uppon us and it's time to find Christmas gifts for guitar players in your life. There are many different gifts you can get for guitar players for the holidays and in this guide you’ll find some great presents for guitar players that will please the musician in your life. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive for it to be appreciated. Guitar players need a lot of small items that don’t cost very much on a regular basis.

Before you buy guitar presents you’ll need to find out from your guitar player friend some general ideas of what they like. For example your friend may only like a certain type of guitar string or a guitar pick brand. These little things can make a world of different in the tone a guitar player likes and most players, such as me don’t like to change our styles that much. Be sure you have a general idea before you go shopping for that perfect gift. Most guitar stores will be more than happy to help you shop for things if you don’t exactly know what you’re looking for. 

Gifts for Guitar Players: Strings and Picks

Guitar players always need more picks and sets of guitar strings. For strings you’ll need to know whether your friend wants acoustic or electric strings and the gauge or size of the strings is important as well.  An improper string gauge can damage a guitar or make the sound different than what the player likes. For picks they come in all sizes and some people have preferences such as the Dunlop Jazz III which I use all the time. Dunlop makes some great picks but there are many other brands out there so shop around. Other ideas include a capo, string winder, or a polishing cloth.

Presents for Guitar Players: Effects Pedals

One of the ultimate gifts you can buy for your guitar player friend is an effects pedal. A couple of years ago I received the  Jim Dunlop Original Crybaby Pedal and I was super excited to get one. There are all types of guitar pedal such as distortion pedals, digital delay, rack effects, flangers, overdrives, compression and so on. Again before you buy these types of gifts you need to have a general idea of what your guitar player friend likes or what they really want. This will just make it easier to get that perfect effects pedal gift for them.

Recording Gear Computer Items

If your player friend is into MIDI recording get them some good recording software or amp simulator software such as the AmpliTube 3 program so they can play guitar on their computer.  If they write songs a good portable drive is a nice present to store all those MP3 files on. An MP3 player such as an iPod is a great gift too. You can even get amplifier simulators effects  such as the IK Multimedia Amplitube iRig - Guitar Effects Interface for iPhone, iPod with 5 Guitar Picks from AmpliTube for your iPhone now.

Guitar Presents: Instruction Books and DVDs

Another great present to buy is instruction books and DVDs. There’s a huge market for these products and you can find some great gifts. If the guitar player is just starting out you could buy a guitar scale book or a chord book for them. It’s always nice to have a dictionary of common scales and chords to refer to. There are plenty of great instructional DVDs out there as well. One idea would be to buy an instructional DVD in the style that your friend really likes such as rock, blues or heavy metal for example. You might pick up a a tablature or musical notation book on your player’s favorite band or album. You can buy many transcribed books from popular bands. Most popular titles out there are transcribed in a book of music.

Gifts for Guitar Players: Hats, Logos, and Shirts

There is nothing better than wearing a nice hat or shirt that displayers a player’s favorite band or music gear brand. If they play Marshall Amplifiers for example, get them a shirt and hat with the Marshall logo on it. Nice mugs are also cool for those late night jam sessions when you need extra coffee.  If your friend has a favorite band, get them a nice concert shirt.  You could even just buy a basic shirt with some guitars on them. Stickers and pins are other neat ideas, there’s lots of possibilities here.

A New Guitar or Amplifier

Of course the ultimate present for a guitar player is a new guitar or amplifier but this can be risky. Be sure you know exactly what they want before you go out and buy one if the player has been at it for some time. For a new player you can buy a starter pack from Fender or Gibson and I am sure they would be happy. If you know the model your friend likes and you don’t play yourself try to take someone to the store with you who plays guitar so the guitar can be checked out. It pays to do this since you want a guitar that won’t need too much setup before it’s ready to play out of the box.

Use Your Imagination for Gifts for Guitar Players

I hope this gives you some great ideas for Christmas gifts for guitar players that you know.  Have fun shopping and if you play yourself, keep jamming out there!