Christmas Gifts Ideas for every Zodiac Sign

Christmas Gifts (35174)You do not know what Christmas gift would make happy your Cancer or Aries friends? The stars could give you some tips according to the Zodiac Signs.

Gifts for Aries

Generally, the gifts for Aries must be expensive and of great quality. The Aries is not the type of person to appreciate only your kind gesture. An Aries wishes a present that emphasizes the fact that you truly care about him.

Aries are active persons, who like sports and any kind of technological innovations regardless of the domain. If you consider buying him any kind of gadgets, he will be very happy. But be careful- it must be one of the most appreciated and prestigious products on the market.

Another idea for "her" would be expensive cosmetics, because Aries like everything that pampers the body and senses.

The colours that suit an Aries the best are red and black.

Gift Ideas: a camera, sports equipment, puzzles (if your budget is low), an expensive perfume, a leather belt, sexy lingerie.

Gifts for Taurus

The Taurus is quite pretentious when it comes to gifts. He wants to be surprised and pleased by the present he receives. He likes the gifts which express the fact that he is loved. His home is very important for him, so any object that could compliment his house would be a great present for Christmas. Another option would be represented by romantic gifts, such as heart-shaped scented candles or jewels. The Taurus wants to know that he is cherished and loved, thus such a gift would make him happier than a practical one.

He is also a gourmet, so French delicacies, a champagne bottle or a box of fine Belgian chocolates will certainly reach his heart.

If you decide to buy him a piece of clothing, choose something green.

Gifts Ideas: Jewelry, precious stones, scented candles, home decoration items, chocolate box, plush toys, scarves.

Gifts for Gemini

Gemini are very practical persons. They will appreciate the presents which they could use daily. On the other hand, Gemini are very communicative, thus if you afford it, the perfect gift idea is a mobile phone. You must also know that they like the latest technologies, so in order to make them happy, you must choose a technological breakthrough in the field. For a lower budget, you could offer them objects that stimulate their intelligence like books or a subscription to a literary club.

Suitable colours for them are yellow, orange and violet.

Gifts Ideas: CD player, computer, laptop, DVD player, cell phone, office items, webcam, headphones with microphone, a board game, puzzle games.

Gifts for Cancer

Firstly, the fact that you bought him a present is a sign that you thought of him and this will make the Cancer very happy. It would be ideal to buy him something he already said he wants- to prove that you are permanently listening to what he says. In any case, be sure that any gift will bring him great joy, especially because it comes from you. Even if it is a bracelet which he would normally consider a horrible thing, he will wear it with pride, as a proof of your love for him.

Anything related to the occult or has a Spiritual touch will surely fascinate him.

The color that suits him the best is blue.

Gift Ideas: a painting, fluffy slippers, a fresh perfume, a book in the series " How to start your own business', a religious icon, a charm, a meditative music CD.

Gifts for Leo

Leos love gifts. They will appreciate more the fact that you thought of them than the actual present. However, if you want to make them really happy, buy something of which they could be proud of: a mobile phone, a funny shirt or a pet.

The best colours for Leo are orange-red hues.

Gift Ideas: favorite music CDs, concert tickets, electronics, a funny shirt, interior design objects, a pet, something made by you (for example a woven bracelet).

Gifts for Virgo

Hmm…Here it will be a little more difficult. Virgos are very picky and they always have something to complain about. From their point of view, your gift shows firstly, something about you and your character. Secondly, your gift demonstrates how well you know them. Details are very important. Thus, think twice when you choose to buy that pinstriped shirt which you believe it is great. You might find afterwards that he likes the thicker stripes. And another tip- quality is more important than quantity.

However, they like to receive gifts and just the fact that you thought of them will make them happy.

Virgos like practical gifts, which may seem trivial to many, but are precious for them.

Matching colours for Virgos are the red-violet hues.

Gift ideas: agenda, shirt, tie, cosmetics, lingerie.

Gifts for Libra

It is recommended to buy something you know they like, as Libras do not know how to fake their reactions. For example, if you buy a tie which he considers to be old-fashioned, be sure that he will not wear it just to make you happy. Anything which is expensive, elegant or classy will make Libras truly happy. Moreover, Libras are some very refined gourmands- delicacies, special sweets, champagne or exotic foods will delight them.

The perfect colours for Libras are blue and silver hues.

Gift Ideas: champagne, an expensive perfume, cosmetics, clothing items, massage oils, satin lingerie.

Gifts for Scorpio

Scorpios are quite pretentious. You must know what they like to see them truly satisfied. You should choose something expensive or something that stimulates their intelligence if you do not want to be criticized. Scorpios like to receive gifts when there are many people present, so that they all learn how much they are valued. Do not consider offering them teddy bears, colourful cards or key rings. Scorpios love expensive things which they can proudly show in public.

The colours which suit Scorpios are dark red and purple.

Gift Ideas: a very expensive perfume, a watch, rare music CDs, aromatherapy kits, sexy lingerie.

Gifts for Sagittarius

Sagittarius persons like traditional gifts. Therefore, you could offer them tickets for a holiday abroad, a surprise party or a traveling book. For Sagittarius, what matters the most is the fact that you thought about him.

Perfect colours for Sagittarius are red and brown hues.

Gift Ideas: tickets for a trip abroad, climbing equipment, travel books, surprise gifts (funny cups, T-shirts with cute messages).

Gifts for Capricorn

Capricorns enjoy receiving high quality gifts. Gadgets are the ideal choice for a Christmas present as long as you make sure that they are created by a prestigious brand. They do not appreciate gifts that have nothing to do with their personality, style or tastes.

The colours that suits Capricorns the best are navy blue, grey, black and silver.

Gift Ideas: gold watch, designer clothes, a leather handbag, designer shoes, electronics.

Gifts for Aquarius

Aquarius persons appreciate the fact that you thought of them and cherish them. They are not very picky. Anything innovative, funny or eccentric will be perfect for them. The basic idea is to stimulate their imagination, if you really want them to like your gift.

The most appropriate colours for Aquarius are: light blue and orange.

Gift Ideas: a pet, a trip to the mountains, a funny T-shirt, a strategy game, concert tickets, original clothing items.

Gifts for Pisces

Imagination is their dominant characteristic. They are passionate about history, psychology and art. Music has a great importance in their lives, so if you offer them CDs with their favorite songs you will make them very happy. Moreover, they like exotic objects, which make them dream of faraway places. Pisces are romantic persons, so candles, teddy bears, chocolates or flowers are great choices for gifts. They love jewelry and expensive things because they make them feel precious.

The right colours for Pisces are: pink, light blue, green or light brown.

Gift Ideas: favorite music CDs, aromatherapy kits, psychology books, interior decoration objects, travel books.