Back in my day there was no television, mobile phones or electronic games. We made our own fun, chasing after one another, climbing trees, swimming in the dams, skipping and playing tennis. Therefore we never sat indoors; we were always outside playing games.

Okay, yes in the winter we were inside. Then we played knuckle bones, fiddle sticks, and many other board games. Even then we were outside playing in the rain. I remember one particular day when Mum and Dad went out, my older sister gave me a challenge. We climbed on the roof and took turns in seeing who could do the longest jump. That was fun, until I landed wrong, and nearly knocked myself out landing with my knees crunching me on the chin.

With all our outdoor activities  we never had any overweight problems. As to healthy eating, we grew our own fresh fruit and vegetables. We knew that we were eating, healthy food free from chemicals. Not like today with the dangers of imported food, not sure what we eat or where it comes from.

Because of this we need to help our children become motivated and fit by getting them active indoors, or playing in the fresh air outdoors.

Motivate the Children

We hear it all the time how unhealthy we have become, so encourage our children to become more active and in the process have healthier and happier children. This will also cut the drain on our health and medical resources. If we all make an effort this Christmas, we can get the kids all over the world off the lounge. Why not give toys that will motivate and galvanize them into action this Christmas.

Creator of  the Leapfrog Enterprises

Mike Wood, originally a lawyer took up the challenge to help his three-year old child in the beginning to better learn sounds and phonics. This changed his life; from there he created a plastic toy that when his child pressed each letter it made the sounds of those letters that the child pressed down.

What a wonderful invention, these toys do a lot more than that these days. They have created this type of activity to not only help your children learn, it will get them active as they learn.

Leapfrog interactive and educational Games

LeapFrog LeapTV Dance and Learn Educational, Active Video Game

This LeapTV Dance will have the kids dancing and singing and get reading skills while they have fun. Get the kids to have a party with other children, their little feet will feel the beat and dance to their heart's content. As they jig and dance this game will teach them phonics, vocabulary, word sounds and rhymes and have fun as they learn.

Leapfrog Dance and Educational gamesCredit:

An internet connection is a requirement for program updates.

NOTE:By pre-ordering you will receive a free gift
Amazon’s offering a special deal on this product for a limited time. If you pre-order this LeapTV Educational and active video game, you will have the choice of receiving, one of three, LeapFrog DVD’s free. Valued at $10.

LeapFrog LeapBand

Leapfrog LeapBand wrist gameCredit:

This Leapfrog LeapBand sits snug on the wrist and works like the grown-ups sports trackers.  You can  and the child can track their activity and movement, when they jig, step run and dance, or jumps. Each movement they perform will earn more points and challenges to unlock.

Children will enjoy watching the screen as it tracks their movements. This Leap Band, will offer 50 active challenges to get the kids involved. It comes with a parent control to set when they play and choose new challenges. They can even earn points when they get active and care for a pet pal.

LeapBand will do more than teach the Alphabet it will get your child moving and playing, which will improve their overall health and fitness. Available in pink, blue and green Suit ages 4-7.

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Kids' Learning Tablet

This Ultra LeapPad Tablet has a 7” high resolution screen with access to Wi-Fi kid safe web site. This works with all 800 libraries of educational games, videos, music apps. It comes with a built in rechargeable battery, with 8 g of memory.

This will hold all your photos and game apps. Plus, like the adults toys it comes with a 2mp front and back camera. Wow! What more could they want?

Parents can also control the settings for everything that the child can access. They even have a pet chat and art studio.


LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Kids' Learning Tablet, Green
Amazon Price: $149.99 $113.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 24, 2014)
Electronics has gone so far and this little beauty will fascinate all the kids. They can do nearly all the things that Mum does on her electronic toys. It even looks the same.

They can choose to have one with a pink or green face.

LeapFrog LeapReader Interactive Solar System Discovery Set

 LeapFrog Solar System Discovery

The kids will love this interactive activity board game, which opens to more than 3 feet. Play the forty plus family friendly activities. They will explore the solar system with the glow-in-the-dark space stickers which makes learning more fun than they imagined. It will teach them all about astronomy and increase their knowledge about the earth’s science.

This comes with 240 or more audio responses on a three-foot, 2 sided boards. There little minds will fill with information on the phases of the moon and how stars form constellations in the sky. There is even a planet hopping board game with stickers, and this comes with great sound effects.

Board Measures - 21.125" x 12.375" x 2.375 Suit children Age 4 – 8 years.
This works with Tag and the LeapReader Reading & Writing System (sold separately). 

LeapFrog LeapReader Interactive Solar System Discovery Set (works with Tag)
Amazon Price: $17.99 $12.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 24, 2014)
The solar system fascinates adults, so can you imagine what this game will do for children.

We have all seen the glow in the dark stickers in kids bedrooms now they will have these and learn more about more about this with their friends and have fun too.

Other Leapfrog interactive Games

Leapfrog has produced many other games and educational toys which would make wonderful Christmas Gifts.  Some of the more popular ones:


  • Sports
  • Kart Racing
  • Spider man
  • Disney TV Sofia
  • Letter Factories adventures
  • Mini game greatest hits


If you are looking for a great gift to help motivate your child and learn with these creative toys, then I think they are worth a look.

Remember the bonuses if you buy early.

Leapfrog Explorer Disney TangledCredit:

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Buying toys on a budget

If on a budget do not worry, you can still give your kids a great Christmas by purchasing recycled toys.  Second hand shops often have new toys that have been donated.  Shop savvy and look for the best deals.

Garage sales - This is another place to find bargains. How many times have you seen children that have so many toys, yet never get around to playing with them.  Instead, their thrown in a box or left to collect dust.  One of these could make your child happy.  Bikes can be repainted and cleaned up to look new. 

The cost of the toy is not important, and some kids will surprise you and prefer to play with toys that have been around for years.  So look for a bargain and save your hard earned money buying pr-loved toys