Thousands and thousands of women are kidnapped, raped and or tortured each year. It can happen to anybody. Too keep your wife or daughter safer try one of the following products. Not all of these self defense products may be legal in your state so please check your local laws before purchasing one.

As with all self defense items the woman needs to be properly trained on how to use the self defense item.

Karate Lessons

Karate lessons from a qualified instructor are amazing. They will help you lose weight, build self confidence, lead to a healthier lifestyle;e, and more importantly will allow a woman to defend herself if attacked by a potential rapist or kidnapper.

Many Karate Dojos will offer a discount for women that have been victims of domestic violence or for kids that have lived in a violent situations within their own home.

Stun Gun

A portable stun gun that is easily accessible by a woman has saved countless lives. If a potential attacker corners your wife or daughter in a dark alley then a stun gun will drop the assailant to the ground and allow the woman to escape and call the police.


Most everybody is familiar with a Taser. If Tasers are legal in your state then it may be an option for your wife or daughter. A Taser works similar to a stun gun but you do not need to be as close to your attacker. A Taser will allow the woman to shoot "two prongs" out at up to 6 feet. The prongs contain enough electricity that will pump through the attackers system and it will immobilize him and allow the woman to escape and call the police.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is carried by many women. They offer Pepper spray in small bottles that are designed to be attached to a key chain as well as much larger sizes. Most women who carry pepper spray will carry a key chain sized bottle as well as a larger bottle of pepper spray in their purse.

They also sell a version of pepper spray that also shoots out a reddish dye. This will stain the attackers face and will not come off for days. If your attacker gets away it will help aid the police in identifying the attacker later.


A handgun may be a good option for self defense. Before packing a handgun in your purse a woman needs to be properly trained in shooting, operating it, loading it, and safety issues.

A handgun may not be a good option for all women but if you do decide to carry one make sure you are properly trained. Don't aim for the knees. You want a wide target. Your heart will be beating and your adrenaline pumping throughout your body. In an actual life or death situation you will be shaking. Aim for the chest area of the assailant. If you miss where you aim you will still strike him in the chest easier then the knee caps.

A shot from a bullet into a mans chest will drop him.

Self Defense Key Chain

Many self defense key chains exist. One of my personal favorites is simply a key chain fob that is a long dull spike. A woman can grasp the key chain in her hand with the dull spike extruding out between her knuckles. She can then deliver a powerful punch to either the chest, face, or groin area. The key chain allows a woman of any size to knock down a huge powerful man intent on raping or kidnapping her.

Loud Siren

There are many ultra loud sirens that come in a simple key chain format. You just carry the key chain at all times. If you are approached in a dark parking lot and feel threatened you activate the alarm. It is so loud that people will hear it at a long distance. Usually it is enough to scare off any potential attacker. Even if the attacker does not scare off someone will come running to see what the heck is going on. The alarms are so loud they can not be ignored.

Cell Phone

Most people now days carry a cell phone. If someone does not have one they should. A cell phone is a quick way to call for help. If your wife or daughters car breaks down on a dark lonely highway you want them to be able to call for help and not have to rely on some strange person who may or may not want to physically attack them.

Expandable Baton

An expandable baton comes in many variations. An expandable baton is compact but will extend out and allow a properly trained person to ward off possible attackers. You can use the expandable baton to hit, poke, gouge, and even choke an attacker.

Blockit & Lockit Door Guard with Siren

The Blockit & Lockit Door Guard with Siren is perfect for your college student to use in the dorm, your wife at a hotel when traveling, or even for home use. It attaches easily to a doorknob and if someone tries to enter the alarm will sound very loudly and scare off the intruder as well as alerting everyone else to a problem.

The Blockit & Lockit Door Guard with Siren is only $39.95 and available online here. THE Blockit & Lockit Door Guard with Siren is an excellent addition to help secure the safety of your family and to prevent possible rapists and burglars from entering into the door while your are home.

There are many forms of self defense items available. You do not have to be limited to one and should not be limited. It's normal to carry a key chain self defense item along with another self defense item in your purse such as pepper spray. This will give the person more options to defend themselves depending on the situation.

According to "Every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted". Self Defense training and tools are needed by all. You do not want your family to be the next rape and assault statistic.