Cheap Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

The holidays are here and it's time to figure out what to buy for your fellow employees. If you're stumped this year and looking for ideas, this list is not to be missed.

Happy Holidays! The year end crunch has begun. As if you didn't have enough to do, it's time to figure out what to get for every Tom, Dolly, and Harry at work. Here are more than a dozen ideas for Christmas gifts for Co-workers that will lighten your holiday workload this year.

Christmas Themed Gifts

Beautiful Christmas tree ornaments can be purchased for five dollars or less. Check out stores such as Pier One Import or even Target. This coworker Christmas gift is something that can be done every year, simply pick a theme. For instance, one year it could be all bird ornaments, another ball ornaments with floral decorations and so forth.

Holiday dish towels and pot holders are always useful and come in a variety of designs. Also consider cookie cutters. Holiday cookie cutters made out of copper are an inexpensive, but tasteful gift.

Edible Christmas Gifts for Co-workers

Food is another great idea for coworkers. The possibilities are endless. Stores such as Williams Sonoma sell specialty food items like pumpkin pecan butter for around ten dollars. There's also popcorn, high end chocolate, a nice nut mix or fancy coffee or tea. In areas with Amish or Mennonite populations, homemade jam is a timeless Christmas gift.

Food kits are also an option. Co-workers with families might enjoy a gingerbread house kit or a holiday cake mold.

Home cooked goodies can also make great Christmas gifts for coworkers. Make cinnamon swirl bread and wrap in an inexpensive holiday dish towel from the Dollar Store for a festive presentation. Fill a candy dish with spiced pecans or almonds, which are easy to make and cost less than $5 per person. If you're not a great cook, no one has to know. Buy from your local bakery, so long as it tastes good, your co-workers won't mind.

Christmas Gifts for Coworkers and Their Homes

Small jar candles from popular stores like Bath and Body Works are under ten dollars. Scentsy, a line of candle free air fresheners have become very popular and would be good for office use as well. Potpourri is a nice option too. Look for potpourri that is both decorative in appearance as well as smells good. Select holiday scents like cinnamon, orange spice or gingerbread.

Office Supplies as Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Funky post-it notes in different designs or with wry comics on them are the kind of thing everyone likes but never spends the money to buy themselves. So long as you're certain they'll entertain, tongue-in-cheek comics on post-it notes are sure to be a hit. Cheap too at less than $5 a pack.

On a related note, if there are any office supplies that are always in short supply, such as nice writing pens, that would be a good gift idea for coworkers as well.

Organize a Swap

If you're tired of buying gifts for coworkers you don't necessarily like or want to spend money on, propose a Secret Santa Swap. This is an inexpensive way for everyone to get a gift and to also team build at the same time. Everyone brings one wrapped gift to swap and then the fun begins.

It also possible to turn this into a White Elephant Swap with people bringing in their least favorite Christmas gift to swap or a Gag Gift Swap where people bring the wackiest and tackiest Christmas gifts they can find. These kind of swaps are always fun and good cheer.

Most importantly, don't put your co-worker Christmas shopping off too long, the holidays will be here before your know it.