Finding Christmas gifts for teens that cost under ten dollars is a challenge, but it can be done. If you have to buy gifts for several nieces and nephews or other teens in your life, the cost can add up quickly.

Thanks to endless television programs about the rich and famous and Madison Avenue marketing, teenagers today long for only the best designer wear. Even if your budget is more tuna fish than caviar, you can still find gifts for teenagers for under ten dollars.

The most important way to stay on budget and keep your gifts to under ten dollars is to shop often and shop early. If you are fortunate enough to have high end stores or outlet malls nearby, you can always stop in a peruse the merchandise. You never know what is on clearance!

But if you are not a shopper, going into stores time and again is not be your idea of a good time. You want something that you can pick up at anytime or point and click and be done with it.

Here are some ideas for Christmas gifts for teens that retail for under ten dollars that do not require you to go out to the mall multiple times.

Car Gifts for Teens for Under Ten Dollars

If the teenager on your list is going to get his or her license, or has already gotten it, a car gift might just what he or she will want to find under the Christmas tree. Here are some suggestions:

Car decals or bumper stickers of favorite bands or sports teams

License plate frame of their favorite team

Keychains There are some really cool ones that are solar powered and they blink

Keychain holder (lanyards)Barrel of Monkeys KeychainCredit:

Funny Key Covers

Air fresheners

Scented car coasters that sit in the cup holder

Glove box organizer

CD holder

Mobile Catch-All Bag for accessories like phones and pens

Small flashlight for the glove compartment

You can also buy a cheap bucket at the Dollar Store and fill it with sponges and some car cleaning products for gift bucket.

A ten dollar gift card for gas will also be appreciated by any teen driver.

Movie and Music Christmas Gifts for Teens for Under Ten Dollars

Thanks to VCRs and DVD players, teenagers today have grown up on seeing their favorite movie any time they want. Old favorites may have been donated, but not forgotten. A great gift idea that costs under ten dollars is buying a teens favorite movie they may no longer have. You can get many secondhand on the internet at sites such as Amazon and Ebay.

It does not matter that there is no longer any shrink wrap in it, a beloved movie is a thoughtful gift. Add a box of microwave popcorn and a big box of movie candy and you have a neat gift to give your favorite teen for under ten bucks.

You can do the same thing for a favorite music CD that the teen may no longer have. Add a CD cleaning cloth and your gift is complete.

Hobby Christmas Gifts for Teens for Under Ten Dollars

Does your favorite teen have a hobby? Ask what kinds of materials he or she needs and see what you can find for under ten dollars.

Personalized Photo Christmas Gifts for Teens for Under Ten Dollars

Technology has now permitted us to put our picture on anything to add that personal touch. You can upload a favorite photo and personalize a mug, stationary, a compact, or a mouse pad-just about anything you want. Many of these items are about ten dollars.

Jewelry and Accessories Christmas Gifts for Teens for Under Ten Dollars

Many teenage girls love jewelry. It doesn’t have to be gold, but it has to be fun. Stores in the mall are full of accessory departments with boatloads of earrings, necklaces and bangle bracelets for under ten dollars. These would make perfect gifts.

These stores also have other accessories, such as sunglasses, belts, barrettes, and hairbands for under ten dollars.

Magazine Subscriptions for Under Ten Dollars

Magazines make the perfect Christmas gift because they are opened not just on Christmas Day, but every month. Find out what your favorite teen likes to read and look online for discount magazine subscriptions. Many magazines can be had for about ten dollars a year.

If the magazine you want to order is over the ten dollar limit, then go to the bookstore and buy one or two issues in the same genre for ten dollars. You may be able to find printable coupons and promotional codes for your purchase.

Books for Teens for Under Ten Dollars

Books are a great gift for anyone, teens included. Find out if she or he has a favorite author and if they own any of her books. If not, you can go to the bookstore or buy them online as an under ten dollar Christmas gift.

Book stores also have a “Bargain Book” section, which is perfect for those wanting to stay under ten dollars. There are books spanning every interest, from fiction to non-fiction. Cookbooks, joke books, collector books and puzzle books can all be found in the clearance aisles.

Note Cards and Stationary for Teens for Under Ten Dollars

Blank NotecardsCredit: amazon.comNote cards are something teens should have on hand, especially since they will need them to use as thank you cards or birthday cards. This is an all purpose gift and can be found in stores such as Target or WalMart.

Pretty stationary is always a hit with teenage girls and can also be found in the stationary department of most stores.

Teenagers’ Favorite Foods for Under Ten Dollars

Teenagers are bottomless pits, and feeding them costs a small fortune. Find out if the teenager love a certain snack, especially one that is not bought often at home due to the cost. Buy ten dollars worth and put it in a gift bag.

Cash and Gift Cards for Teenagers

If you do not want to go out shopping, putting a ten dollar bill or check inside a Christmas card would be most welcome by any teenager.

Or if you cannot afford to buy the expensive items from your teenager’s favorite store, then buy a ten dollar gift card to put toward the purchase of any item she or he wants. Any amount is always appreciated.

It is possible to buy Christmas presents for teens for under ten dollars. With a little bit of work, you can get everything on your gift list and not empty your wallet.