When the holiday shopping season arrives, you do not need to worry spending too much money because there are many places to get Christmas presents for under five dollars. To some, spending less than this amount for a Christmas present may appear to be cheap. While there are plenty of poorly made items that you can buy in large discount retailers, this is not what I am writing about. I am going to show you how to spend one Abraham Lincoln on a gift with a much higher value.

With the economy being what it is today, for some people, spending five dollars per person for a Christmas present may be all that they can afford to spend. These tips and tricks will help you look like you spent much more than you really did.

In order to buy Christmas presents for this amount, you need to shop year round. If you are new to this, do not worry, there are still plenty of Christmas presents that you can buy for under five dollars at the holiday time.

It is best to designate a bin in your garage or basement to store your finds. Keep a list of what you bought and whom it is for. That way, when it's time to wrap your bargain Christmas presents you are ready!

Here are some strategies for getting the best for less.

Bath and Body Works is a store that sells a wide variety of fragrances and other beauty products, mainly targeting women. Typically they run a promotion every few weeks that allows you to buy any five ounce product for free with any purchase. My favorite website to find this printable coupon (as well as many others) is Mommysavesbig.com.

I print a few of these and take my daughters with me to the store, as you can only use one coupon per person. We buy any item for fifty cents or one dollar (yes, they do have a few items there that cheap), and get the five dollar travel size item for free. I buy the set-spray, lotion, and bath gel. The other items are also part of the gift, and I have a nice set to give as a present for Christmas, Chanukah, or birthdays.

Victoria's Secret is also great store for buying Christmas presents for under five dollars. If you are not on their email list, you should be! You will receive free offers from their Pink line, like buy any Pink item and get a new promotional item for free. There are always clearance items to be had for under five dollars, especially in the cosmetic department. They also have sales a few times a year and have their makeup and certain perfume and beauty lines for 75 per cent off.

Another way to use Victoria's Secret to get five dollar Christmas presents is to buy in bulk. During the holiday time, the store often promotes buying their body lotions and shower gels at 7 for $35-making each gift five dollars. Typically, these sell for twice the price.

Claire's is a great store for finding inexpensive presents for Christmas or any time of the year. In the back they have a red line clearance section that is 10 for ten dollars or fifty per cent off the red line price. You can get a wide variety of items for a dollar, put them in a gift bag and give them to your favorite girl!

Another favorite place to find gifts for five dollars and under is Harry and David, They, too, have a great clearance section. Not only does it have food items for under five dollars, but kitchen items, such as fancy dish towels, as well.

TJ Maxx and Homegoods are also great stores for finding Christmas gifts. If you want to give just a little something or maybe a big something, you can score big in two different places in either store. Both stores have terrific gourmet sections that make nice gifts for Christmas and already come in beautifully wrapped packages. They also have great picture frame sections. Put a special photo inside (which are cheap to print in stores like CVS or online) and you have an instant gift. Don't forget to check out the clearance section in TJ Maxx and Homegoods. You might be surprised at what you might find!

If you are fortunate to have a Kohl's department store near you, then you can find tons of Christmas presents for a few dollars! Even without their additional coupon savings, they have sales that rival no other store where I shop. They even have a 90% off rack in many departments. Toys, books, clothing, jewelry, socks, belts, pocketbooks-I have personally purchased for under five bucks at Kohl's.

If your gift recipient is into arts and crafts, then craft stores will provide you with a plethora of gifts. From their dollar section to their boxed crafts sets (many which are ten dollars), crafts stores will be your best friend if you are looking for budget friendly Christmas gifts. You can find coupons for 40-50 per cent off each week in the Sunday circulars, as well as on-line. Best of all, they take competitor's coupons!

At the end of each season, they will mark items up to 75% off. They can be used as stocking stuffers, too.

Claire's has tons of items for girls at deep discounts.

Target has a terrific Dollar Spot filled with items for, you got it, one dollar! They regularly have sales there-first 30 per cent, then fifty then seventy-five. They all have a theme and you can create a fun gift for a young person in your life.

After each holiday, Target sells it's merchandise at 50 percent off the day after. I pick up twenty packs of Play Dough for under three dollars, craft kits, craft supplies, and other items for under five bucks.

You might be surprised at what you can find at party stores. If you know a child who has a favorite character, chances are they have lots of merchandise tied in with it. Again, look at the clearance section and see what you can find.

The same can be said for Dollar Stores. Some larger ones carry terrific items that can be packaged together as a gift.

Barnes and Noble has tables full of "Bargain Books" for under five dollars that would make a great Christmas present for any man, woman or child. They also sell other items, such as book plates, craft kits, play sets and food items for a great price!

If you do not enjoy shopping in stores, you can still get cheap Christmas presents online at many retailers. You may have to buy a certain dollar amount to get free shipping, but you can get all of your shopping done at once.

Buying Christmas gifts for under five dollars can be a challenge, but it can be done with style and taste.