If you are a cat lover, and have a pet cat, you will no doubt feel that it is part of your family. Cats may be independent creatures, who rather than live with you, allow you to let them keep you company, but they will still appreciate spoiling. Christmas is the perfect time to show your pet just how much you care and buy it a Christmas gift.

Cat Bed

Cat's like all creatures enjoy staying cosy in their own space. There are some great beds available online, and from local pet suppliers, that will do the job. The one shown here is made from a stylsh leopard print but you can opt for something plainer and less expensive if you prefer.

These Danish design crinkle play bags offer your mischievious cat all the fun it wants. Crinkle play bags As your cat or cats play the crackling sound will keep them enthralled for hours on end.

Snuggle safe heat pad

For sheer home comforts you cannot beat warmth. This snuggle safe heat pad will supply your cat with plenty of warming heat whilst the pad remains perfectly safe to use. This gift is perfect for many animals including small dogs and rabbits. It is a thoughtful gift for an elderly pet, or one that is very young or unwell.

Is there any wonder that the cat in this photo appears to be in seventh heaven. Sense massage centre The Sense Massage centre plays with your cat's senses and offers pleasurable relaxation. The various parts of the masseger offer, for example, gum massage and a feeling of ecstatic rubbing over the cat's head and neck. With so much more this gift is definitely for the pampered cat.

All cats love to scratch. There are many scratching posts available including Christmas themed ones.

North Pole cat scratcherChristmas themed scratching posts

The ones illustrated are a Santa's sleigh scratching post and a North Pole Express Train one. It will be just as useful after Christmas but may look out of place. Perhaps it would be better to buy one of the many purpose made scratching posts available that are not themed.

Rescued Cat

The cat shown here is one of the many that has ended up at a rescue centre. Manny shown here, ended up with the RSPCA in England. Here is some information about him:-

"The recession affects animals too. Manny was left outside a cattery with a note from his owner explaining that he could not afford to treat Manny's tail which had been severely injured in a road accident. Sadly, Manny's tail had to be removed, but after recuperating with some love, care and a few hearty meals, he's on the mend"

So apart from buying your own cat a gift for Christmas, why not give a gift to a local charity. The RSPCA is running a Big Feed Donation for Christmas. Whether or not you have a pet of your own, you could participate in this fund raising and give a needy animal a gift. Perhaps the gift of life.


Whatever gift you opt for, be it a charitable donation, taking some pet food to your local rescue centre, buying your cat, food treats, small toys or more luxurious gifts, simply give with love. After all that is what Christmas is all about. If money is too tight for gifts for animals, extra cuddles, kind words and hugs will always go down well.