I love Christmas home decorations, just like most people during the holidays. I always go all out during the holiday season- putting up the Christmas tree, decorating the fireplaces, adding a kitchen table holiday centerpiece, putting out holiday themed towels, lights strung outside, inflatable holiday displays, you name it. One of the most fun and also the easiest Christmas decorating ideas is an area of Christmas decor that many people neglect- Christmas window decorations.

This Christmas decorating idea isn't uniquely mine. I have fond memories of Christmas window decorations from my own childhood. And when I had kids of my own, I wanted to find ways that they could help with Christmas home decorations. But I didn't have a lot of money, and the Christmas window decorations had to be easy enough for my kids.

I came up with quite a few Christmas decorating ideas for windows. Some were Christmas crafts for the kids, and others were just easy, cheap Christmas home decorations that looked wonderful. Here are some of my favorite Christmas window decorations ideas:

One of my favorite ways to decorate windows for Christmas is very traditional and simple. Simply place a candle in each window. I think the effect is very welcoming and old-fashioned.

You can choose electric 'candles' that look authentic. If an electrical outlet isn't available, there are many styles of battery operated candles available as well. Neither is expensive.

If you decide to use authentic candles, be very careful. A fire hazard can be created from drapes or flowing curtains. Also, be careful using real candles around children or pets.

Another traditional Christmas home decorations idea for windows that is pretty inexpensive is hanging a wreath in each window. You can put a wreath in predominantly visible windows or hang them in every window in the house. Both decorating ideas look really nice and festive. You can add the above mentioned candlesticks in each window for an added effect.

Go a step further by decorating each wreath before hanging. You can use a theme, like teddy bears, for example. Or let members of the family decorate wreaths with their own ideas.

A very simple and inexpensive idea to decorate windows for Christmas is to add lights in each window. There are so many styles, colors, and shapes of Christmas lights that the possible effects are almost limitless.

Try traditional colors or all white. Or go wild with pink lights or some other non-traditional Christmas color. Use chasing lights, twinkle lights, or blinking lights. There are lights available for any style or taste. Small strands of battery operated lights are also available for windows that aren't close to outlets.

Everyone has probably made paper snowflakes at least once in their lifetime. This is actually a very pretty Christmas window decorations idea! White (or any color you wish) snowflakes adorning of the windows during the holidays look amazingly beautiful. Choose to decorate all of your windows with snowflakes, or just decorate the windows of your front and back doors, for example. The options are up to you.

And the great thing is that this is a Christmas home decorations idea that your kids can help create. Plus it is simple and ridiculously cheap! Use double-sided tape to attach your Christmas snowflakes for the best effect with your homemade Christmas window decorations.

A similar idea for decorating Christmas windows is making paper chains. This idea is easier for younger children. It's very easy and a cheap Christmas decorating idea.

Simply cut construction strips about one inch wide and four inches long, approximately. The amount of strips you need to cut depends on the length of the chain. Red and green colored paper works great for a Christmas theme. Then, use glue or tape to make rings out of each strip. Connect each strip to the previous one by looping it through before securing with glue or tape.

These look really cute hung in the windows for Christmas and in doorways. Christmas paper chains make excellent Christmas home decorations for the kids' rooms that they can make by themselves and show off to friends!

However, be careful when letting the kids cut the strips. Supply blunt scissors and supervise. Or have an adult cut the paper strips first, and then let the kids make the Christmas paper chains.

Another easy Christmas window decorations idea is to hang ornaments in the windows. Use several small ornaments. Or try the extra large ornaments that can be bought which are very inexpensive. Just two or three hanging in each window or simply hung in the windows flanking your front door can have an impressive holiday effect.

The great thing about the over-sized ornaments is that they are plastic. So there are no worries about them falling and breaking, or a child or pet getting hurt with them. Be sure to hang any of the ornaments high enough that no kids or pets can reach them.

Washable paint is inexpensive and a great way to decorate Christmas windows for the holidays. Kids love this Christmas decorating idea! Be sure to cover the window frame and sill with plastic or newspaper to protect them from stains, just in case. Also, make certain that you buy washable paint, not paint for glass. Paint specifically designed for glass is meant to be permanent.

No artistic skill is needed to paint windows for Christmas. Try painting the windows with simple Christmas shapes, like stars, Christmas trees, snowmen, and the like. The result is a very homey holiday look.

If you would like your Christmas windows to look more professional, buy cheap stencils available in craft stores and in most discount stores. There are many stencil themes- religious, snowmen, Santa Claus, and many others. Stick with one theme or use them all!

Using the stencils couldn't be easier. Simply tape them to the window in the arrangement you want. Then paint and carefully pull the stencils away. The results are fantastic. You will feel like a professional artist.

If you don't want to paint your windows with washable paint for Christmas, you should be able to find flock spray. It is easily found in craft stores and in most discount stores in the Christmas section. This is a favorite windows Christmas decorating idea of mine. Flock spray resembles snow when it dries. The effects on your Christmas windows is really pretty. And it is very cheap, too. Flock spray is quicker than painting Christmas windows, too.

Any of these Christmas home decorations ideas for windows will look attractive and add a welcoming ambience to your home that is perfect for the holidays.