Nokia Symbian Touchphone C6 AND C7Becoming a Twitter Guru in 10 Steps with Nokia Symbian Touchpones C6 or C7

The Nokia Manufacturers are going to tease the young teens today with their Christmas lineup, the Nokia C6 & C7 Symbian touchphones, these phones are going to be faster, more efficient, and offer over 250 new features. The efficiency of getting feedback from live updates from social networks like Facebook and Twitter will be spellbinding. With most young teens using Facebook and Twitter, it is like bring candy to a baby, love at first Tweet.

Tucked away in the Nokia C6 & C7 Symbian Touchphones is their Applications menu, and the twitter client has been built into the Social app, by using it, you can become a Tweeting guru, giving advice to followers by the hundreds, all using the power of the Nokia C6 or C7.

Read on and we'll show you how it's done.

1. Choosing a Twitter name
Only one thing is obvious, if you build your Twitter ID with weird characters, awkward number combinations or unfamiliar words no one person will remember who you are, and therefore make it hard to DM you.

By keeping things as simple possible and using your own name as a Twitter ID. If you can't use your own name because there's too many others like it, switch up the words or put a humorous take on your own name will usually do the job. Last name Smith? Smithsatron might be available. Or Smithomatic. Ponder over this one, and choose something that'll tease your Twitter followers' digital tongues.

2. Keep your Tweets original
If you're tweeting advice, reeling out jokes or sharing links about interesting websites, it's important to tweet about content that is original to your Twitter followers. It'll make you stand out from the rest of the crowd, and give your followers all the more reason to Tweet about you to others.

3. Avoid Using the Same Tweets
Number one rule, only your followers will appreciate: avoid repetition in your Tweets, even if you often tweet about the same subject matter. Originality goes a long way with your tweets, the more intriguing you will become to those following you.

4. Tweet At least Four Times A Day
If your followers are also following lots of people, make sure you tweet at least four times a day. This will give you a better chance of being noticed by your followers, and therefore a better chance of getting re-tweeted, and being able to gather followers. This also means you will utilize Twitter by engaging its power. Worried you'll run out of things to say? Don't be. Remember, you don't just have to broadcast your opinion; you can ask questions and respond to others too.

5. Tweeting Photos
You're not just limited your tweets to just text. Tap the camera icon next to the update box at the top of the Twitter page within the Nokia C6 or C7 social app, and there you'll be prompted to upload a previously taken photo, or take a picture something fresh for your audience.

You'll see the image uploads, and a short web link, or URL, is added to your Tweet. When your followers tap that URL they'll see your photo.

6. Reply and respond
When someone direct messages you, by including your name in a tweet of their own or by sending you a direct message, reply immediately to let your followers know you're dedicated and appreciate their responses.

You CAN see whenever someone mentions you in public by tapping on the @ button at the top of the Twitter screen of the C6 or C7 Social app. Direct messages are KEPT from the Twitterverse, and can be seen by tapping the envelope icon at the top of the screen of your Nokia phone.

If you're being blasted with too many messages to realistically reply to each one, make sure you thank everyone who responded in an overall tweet. That's showing good manners.

7. Using Twitter Hashtags
A hashtag is a way to mark your tweet as being about certain content. Hashtags are usually tied to events, or online trends. For example, the Nokia C6 or C7 launch will be bombarded by tweets chirruping around the globe, containing #c6 or c7. The benefits of these hashtags is you can follow a PARTICULAR conversation quite easily, just by tapping the search icon at the top right of the Nokia C6 or C7 Social app's Twitter screen, and typing the hashtag into the search box.

8. Follow Friday Indulgence
There's a Twitter tradition amongst followers that every Friday you recommend a few of the people you follow for others to check out. You can simply do this by tweeting "Follow Friday" followed by their names. Twitter Guru Addicts use the hashtag #FF to save a few characters and be able to squeeze in extra long usernames.

9. Other daily Twitter memes
A meme is a trend that takes off like a wild fire of the Twitterverse for a while, before disappearing. Most are short lived, but a few (like Follow Friday) happen once a week. Want to get involved and show you're a real Twitter guru? Try these for size, and naturally, include the correct hashtag each time:

#MusicMonday – Tweet people what you're listening too. You might discover something new.

#TwitterTuesday – the same as Follow Friday, but for Tuesdays, of course.

#WisdomWed – Created by @BenParr, this meme encourages you to tweet advice to your followers, and learn something new in the process

#Rtthursday – Meant to encourage Tweeters to re-tweet their favorite tweets, it'll put you in the good graces of whoever's updated you too.

#Caturday – Saturday is the day Twitter gets taken over by cat lovers and owners. Expect cute photo overload.

On Sunday, Twitter slows to a crawl. Not really, but this can be a day to make up your own meme? You'll be able to track its progress with the search tool within the C6 or C7 Social app.

10. Tweet nicely
The golden rule of Twitter to follow, is to be respectful, and polite to your followers. Nobody likes a party pooper, or a trouble maker, so play nice and you'll fit in well in Twitterville.

Other common sense rules that apply, give credit where credit is due when you sharing a link, idea or even a joke. Tweeters have a mutual respect for each other, and engaging that will mean you stay in the good graces of Twitterati.

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