Organizing any seasonal decorations can be difficult since they only appear once a year for the most part, for maybe a month, then have to stay safe for the rest of the year somewhere out of sight.

Holiday decorations such as Christmas ornaments can be especially difficult as they are so delicate and often quite old.  If you have begun to accumulate cherished ornaments, then storing them needs to be an important consideration.

When my hubby and I first married, and we would receive ornament gifts each year as we built up our collection of precious decorations to put on the Christmas tree.  When the children came along there were more to be added each year.  I realized these are not things you simply stuff into bags and cardboard boxes and hope they survive.  They need to be carefully stored away.  I also think these storage ideas would make a great gift idea.  You could purchase one and add a few new ornaments inside to start off a collection for a loved one or a good friend.

I always found that the holiday decorations would come down in the New Year and somehow work their way to the abyss of under the stairs in bags or smelly old cardboard boxes.  Each year as we would drag them out and dust them off we would swear next year would be different.  You never knew how many bags were needed or you would find part of a decoration and not the rest.  Sometimes we would use liquor store boxes as there was that separation for bottles, but they were cardboard and would go musty and you had to wrap each ornament in bubble wrap.

I decided it was time to invest in proper containers since we had to move and downsize, I was not going to have the room to store the tree, the lights and the other assorted accessories in bags under the stairs anymore  I wanted to purchase something this year knowing  that by next year it would look just a nice as it did new, and not flattened, crushed or dusty.

Garbage bags can work over artificial trees, but even they don’t protect the contents from other bags ending up on top of them.

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Christmas Ornament Storage Box

These are really cool and an affordable way to keep things neat and tidy.  You can get different sizes and shapes, but the best part about these specialized forms of storage is that they keep your treasures safe.  They are separated as well as layered, and in a particular box that looks different from your other storage items. 

You can stack these without fear (if you have a large tree with lots of ornaments).  I love these boxes because they are so simple to use.  Once you are finished with your tree this year, just get these boxes out and start loading them up with your treasures.

You will thank yourself next season when it comes time to get them back out again.  We used to allow a day just for someone to crawl into the abyss of the basement and find all the bags and boxes of Christmas decorations, and they would never look as nice as they did the year before.  We would have dusty garbage bags lying around us and I decided this year it was going to be better organized.  I was not going to be doing that last minute run to the store to upgrade the sorry looking decorations that ended up being crushed.

There are many specialty containers on the market now that will help with your holiday decorations and storage.  You can get containers for storing Christmas lights to keep them from getting tangled up and you can get artificial tree storage as well.  Ours stayed in this old cardboard box for years until we decided it was time to invest in better storage ideas.

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Storage Shelves for Holiday Decorations

Also another great idea, if you are tired of crawling under the stairs and you have a free wall in part of your basement or storage area, or even your garage, you can get heavy duty shelves that would hold these seasonal storage boxes.

You can see right away what they house, or you can label them, and keep them together so they are ready to find next year.  If you have other seasonal décor such as Halloween, or Easter then you can use other shelves to house those special things.

Shelves are an easier way to be able to see what you have.  As great as under the stairs can be to keep things out of sight, it can be difficult to crawl under there each season to drag the things out.  I know it was hard on my back and I always seemed to lose a bag of decorations under there somewhere.

Getting things off the floor works well, but if you don’t have the room, at least have the proper containers that will stack easily and are labeled well and protected.

So as much as Christmas shopping is fun and purchasing new decorations, don’t forget to purchase the right container to store them in and protect your investment once the fun is over and it is time to pack everything away.

It is so nice to simply grab an ornament storage box and enjoy opening it and carefully taking out each piece that most likely has a story behind it.  I still have ornaments that my adult kids made for me when they were little.  Those are treasures I don’t want to have crushed under the stairs, so Christmas ornament storage boxes are a good place to start.