Storage for Your Christmas Tree

and Storing Christmas Lights

After the holidays, are you frustrated when dealing with Christmas tree disposal or storage, the storing of Christmas lights, and other holiday items? Are you faced with a dilemma every year when you are trying to fit all your Christmas ornaments back into the correct cardboard boxes? After all, a lot has happened during the weeks since you put the ornaments on the tree; it's been a very busy time of year. In addition, since storing Christmas ornaments is something that you only do once a year, it can be difficult to remember which ornament goes with which box. Finally, the ornaments seem to last a lot longer than some of those cardboard and cellophane boxes. The cellophane rips; the cardboard rots, and suddenly you realize that you no longer have a good way to store your ornaments and other holiday decorations.  Below you will find some wonderful ideas for storing all those awkward items and keeping them in good condition year after year.

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When these problems arise for you, it is time to solve them by getting new, plastic ornament storage boxes that will last for decades! You can also get special boxes designed for storing Christmas lights or for your Christmas tree. Storage boxes make it easy for you to keep your ornaments and decorations safe and unbroken year after year. You no longer have to match ornaments to the correct box. You can easily remove the ornaments each year, and replace them in the storage box as soon as the holiday is over, with much less frustration. Before you go shopping for storage containers in a Christmas tree shop, look over some of the ornament storage options that are available to you. When you see the name of the storage box written inside "quotation marks," you'll know that this is the full name of the item, and you can use that information to search for the product either in stores or online at sites like Amazon.  You can also use the link below to quickly check out the Christmas storage containers that are available:

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Christmas Ornament Boxes with Dividers

For most of your Christmas ornaments, you will want to buy storage containers that have dividers that hold each ornament separately. I have found that it helps to wrap some of the smaller balls in a paper towel, so they don't get tossed around inside the storage container while you are moving it from place to place.

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There are a number of excellent ornament boxes with dividers that are available on the market. Among those are: "Snapware Snap-N-Stack 3-Layer Ornament Box with Dividers," "Tree Keeper Fabric Lined Hanging Christmas Ornament Storage Tray," and the "Rubbermaid Low Profile Collapsible Cube." This last one is ideal for storing your Christmas ornaments under a bed. Another one that has dividers, is see-through, and is also lightweight is the "Ornament Chest See-Through 3-Tier Ornament Storage Chest with Dividers." This one holds up to 54 ornaments, and is extra light. If you want to store your ornaments in a hanging bag, that choice is available, too, with the "TreeKeeper Hanging Ornament Storage Bag."

Christmas Storage Chests

Sometimes you may want something a little larger to handle your holiday decorations as well as your Christmas ornaments. You could just buy brightly colored plastic storage bins with lids from Wal-Mart, Target or similar businesses. In addition, you could buy storage chests that are specifically designed for holiday decorations. Some of your choices in storage chests include: "Rubbermaid Configurations Three-Handle Storage Chest with Cedar Inserts," "Rubbermaid 10-Inch Collapsible Cube," and the "Iris 6 Drawer Ornament Storage Chest Cart."

The Iris 6 Drawer Ornament Storage Chest Cart is my personal favorite. It is large enough to store lots of Christmas ornaments in row after row of see-through drawers. I use a similar rolling ornament storage cart. I can tell at a glance what ornaments are available as I place them on the tree. I also appreciate the fact that it is easy to wheel it into the house to decorate the tree, and I can quickly roll it back into the garage when I am finished. There is nothing to lift and carry.

Most of the items mentioned in this article can be found quickly using this Amazon link:

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Other Christmas Storage Solutions

As you well know, the ornaments are not the only items that you will need to store the other eleven months of the year! You may also have an artificial Christmas tree, a wreath, Christmas lights and other holiday decorations.

For miscellaneous decorations, I do like to keep a few chests or storage boxes on hand that do not have dividers inside. This allows me the freedom to insert all those odd size holiday decorations, such as my candle holders, decorative angels, and lovely wooden nutcrackers.

For Christmas tree storage, you may be able to return the tree to the box it came in. However, if your tree is like mine, it seems to have grown after we took it out of the box and fluffed it up. Instead of stuffing our Christmas tree back in its original box, we have found it useful to put a portion of our tree is a "Household Essentials Christmas Tree Bag" that has been specifically designed to protect and store your tree without the necessity of smashing it back down into the original box. You can also purchase similar storage containers from other companies, as well. For example, you might choose the bright red "Whitmore Christmas Tree Storage Bag" or the "Rolling Tree Storage Bag that Stores a 7.5 ft. Tree." There is even a company that sells "Santa's Bag Rolling Tree Dolly Storage System, for 6 to 9-Foot Trees." This is one of the more expensive options, but allows you to store your tree in a standing position, and easily wheel it into place when it is time to decorate. In fact, you could probably even leave at least some of your unbreakable ornaments in place on the tree, allowing you to decorate and undecorate your home quickly and efficiently.

Household Essentials also sells a "30-Inch Circular Wreath Bag" that helps you store and protect your Christmas wreath from year to year. Another wreath bag is the "Honey-Can-Do Wreath Storage Bag with Handles and Zipper, 30-Inch, Holiday Red." In fact, wreath storage boxes can usually be found anywhere that wreaths are sold in the days just before and after the holidays. You may even be able to purchase them at a Christmas tree store.

Protect your decorations, your ornaments, your lights, your Christmas tree and your wreath, and keep the holidays as simple and uncomplicated as possible.

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A Simple Way to Keep Your Ornaments in Good Condition

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