Why People Collect Christmas Ornaments?

Do you collect things? Or do you wonder why other people collect things? Looking at Christmas ornaments, people collect for a number of reasons

1. For their children, it may start with that first Christmas and you are given the baby's first Christmas ornament, but it can continue for many years. Some folks like to add to their children's collection every year with a special decoration, it can be one the children choose themselves or one given as a gift. These collections can mount up over the years, especially if you add all the homemade decorations the children bring home. The idea is that when your children have their first Christmas in their own place they will have a starter ornament box as well as a box of memories.

2. As a hobby, I don't know about you, but I love Christmas decorations and spent time looking at all the new ones every year. There is always something new and interesting to see. I have found some great decorations such as lovely hand blown glass baubles with gold leaf - they don't go anywhere near the kids tree!

3. As an Investment - not my main focus but I do love Swarovski crystal and the release a new Christmas star every year. Some of them have become quite valuable, especially the rarer ones.

4. Cultural reasons - I have some great friends who collect nativity scenes for display at Christmas; they have a strong faith and enjoy this expression - and sharing it with their children, who love to play with the figures.

I wonder if you collect Christmas Ornaments and if so why?