Christmas party theme ideas help you pull together a Christmas party no matter your budget. Whether you are planning a party for the office or a get together for friends a Christmas party theme will set your soiree apart from all the other holiday events.

Corporate Christmas party ideas can be centered around charity. This allows your coworkers to give back and there will also be planned activities so you just don't have to sit around make small talk. Ask a charitable organization to provide you with kits that you can assemble. The charity may ask you to make ornaments that they can sell, or cut out hospital night gowns for children. These projects can be as simple as making first aid kits to go to country in need. This is a free party idea but will give your coworkers the holiday spirit and focus the group on helping others.

For a kids Christmas party theme create Santa's workshop. You can line the walls with a roll of white paper that has Santa's naughty and nice list on it. Display your kids' favorite toys on red shelves and pedestals to give them importance. You can also decorate the outside of your house by stacking up snowballs or creating small snowmen to line the entryway.

Themed Christmas parties can be elegant. Try spray painting a bunch of branches white and then putting them in the corners of the room and even using them as centerpieces. Line the space with twinkle lights and silver ornaments to create a winter wonderland theme on a budget. You can also base your Christmas party around a favorite holiday movie, like decorating with posters from "It's a Wonderful Life". Watching movies is a common holiday tradition so you won't really be taking time from people's schedules with your party; they were going to do it anyways now they can just watch movies with all of their friends. Serve food from the time period of the film.

Christmas party menus can be part of the party. You can organize a cookie exchange with all of your neighbors. Everyone brings a batch of cookies that they can trade with all the other neighbors. Your guests can also exchange recipe cards, just as long as the recipe isn't top secret. Have plenty of cold milk on hand to go with the cookies. You can also have a decorating station where you can hold a cookie decorating contest and take the entries to other neighbors while Christmas caroling.