As the holidays roll near, it's time to deck your couch and chairs with some Christmas pillows! These seasonal decorations help welcome in the season, making your home feel festive and full of fun. So what are you waiting for? Take a look below for some great Christmas pillow ideas to help ring in the season in plush style.

Christmas Pillows: From Santa To Seasonal Quotes

Frosty Christmas pillowChristmas pillows come in lots of shapes, sizes, and types. There are pillows that feature Santa himself, in full Santa garb, or pillows that showcase some of the most famous of holiday characters like Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, or a Nutcracker. Other Christmas pillows tie in idyllic winter scenes and classic family holiday moments like wide-eyed children discovering gifts under the tree. And still others use festive reds and greens with favorite holiday sayings like "Ho Ho Ho" and "Tis the Season." Whatever your holiday style is, from vintage to modern, there are more than a few Christmas pillows out there for you.

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Christmas pillows look great all around the home. They are perfect for your living room, family room couch, or surrounding your Christmas tree for comfy places to nestle. Stick one or two on a few empty chairs around your home and you can make a lovely holiday statement.

They also make excellent Christmas gifts. If you've got an upcoming gift exchange or you want to buy a few smaller gifts for your office mates, one of these pillows is an excellent choice. They also make fun gifts for people who simply love the holiday or that enjoy the arts and crafts surrounding it.

A Seasonal Adventure: Make Your Own Christmas Pillows

Christmas fabricSpeaking of arts and crafts, if you are handy with needle and thread or even just a tiny bit crafty, it can be a lot of fun to create Christmas pillow shams that simply slide over your current pillow sets! This can be a great holiday activity for the whole family. There are tons of Christmas fabrics available, and you and your children can make a game of picking the right styles for your home. Imagine seeing your children's faces light up when their Frosty pillows come to life, and they had a part in making it happen.

If you plan ahead, you can even find huge deals on these fabrics right after the holidays, so next year you are already prepared with some great choices and more money left to spend on other holiday goodies. Now that can help make Christmas time extra special!

Christmas Pillow Prices

red and green Christmas pillow setIf sewing is not your thing, the styles talked about here all can be purchased for between $10 and $20 for each pillow and up to $40 - $50 for Christmas pillow sets of three or more. These are budget-friendly pieces of Christmas decor that can be used again and again.

You'll certainly make your holidays more special with a variety of Christmas pillows. They are family favorites that can really enliven your holiday style. In fact, Christmas decor simply doesn't feel complete without them.