It is Christmas Eve tomorrow and so begins the Holidays, the season of Goodwill and the time for merriment. Christmas can be so much fun, can't it? Office parties, festive lights, eating and drinking to excess, spending money as if there is no tomorrow, pretty decorations all over the place and shopping for gifts are just of the things we all enjoy at this time of year.

However, it is all too easy to get caught up in the spirit of the season and compromise your safety without realising it. Here are some sensible tips regarding your safety at Christmas and a few of the potential hazards.

Christmas decorations.

It is so easy to over stretch when hanging the Christmas lights and fall from a precarious ladder. Be sensible and follow basic health and safety precautions.

If you have to use a ladder or steps make sure that you are not alone. Ensure that the ladders or steps are fully functional and that they are placed firmly on the ground. Always follow the makers instructions. Have someone stand at the bottom of the ladder, for extra safety. Never over reach, or carry so much in your arms, that you cannot steady yourself.

If you are hanging lights or decorations outside, try to do so in the daylight, however limited that may be. Check out the weather forecast also so that you can avoid heavy rain, ice, snow and, or, foggy weather.

Be sensible when checking any electricity plugs, bulbs and or fuses. Make sure that the power supply is turned off, or the lights are unplugged, and ensure that you have dry hands. Simply use a common sense approach in order to protect yourself.

Make sure that decorations are not placed too close to any source of heat, such as a fireplace. If you have a lighted fire at times do not hang Christmas stockings from the mantle. Never leave your home with your Christmas candles burning unattended.

Back problems

Carrying home the Christmas Tree and mountains of Christmas shopping, could play havoc on your back. Shop more often so that you are not carrying too much at once. Carry within your capabilities and carry correctly.

Avoid stress

Christmas should be about fun. However, for many of us, it is one long hard slog. Take time out to relax. Get thing's into perspective and enjoy the seasonal festivities. Make sure that everyone helps and that each family member plays their part.

Safety on-line.

When you are shopping on-line ensure that you have the maximum protection for your credit card details, passwords and the like. If you do not have virus protection get some as soon as possible. Even if you already have good anti virus software consider updating or extending it.

Getting out and about.

Potentially the weather could be bad during the run up to Christmas and the actual holidays. The UK has already experienced snow and bitterly cold weather this December 2009. Tottering around on high heels, in icy weather or snow is unnecessary and very foolish. Wear appropriate clothing instead. This is a much better option than catching a chill or suffering a broken leg for Christmas.

It can be tempting to drink and drive, with all the office party invites and the like. Resist the temptation though. Heavy fines, losing your licence, killing yourself or someone else are all possibilities if you do not. Make sure that you never drink alcohol and drive.

Late night shopping on the high street is all well and good but remember that thieves often have a field day as Christmas approaches. Be careful where you shop, and at what time of day you do so. Ideally shop with a few friends or family members.

Do not attract thieves either by flashing huge amounts of cash or carrying very expensive handbags. It is better to dress down and be more invisible to thieves. Limit how much cash or how many credit cards you have with you when shopping.

Park where there is good lighting and the area is busy with people. Remember that the area could change as evening approaches. so think ahead.

Picking up bugs

As we all mix so much more around Christmas time. it is easier to pick up coughs, colds, flu and winter vomiting bugs. Be scrupulously clean and practice good hand washing techniques.

Upset stomachs

It can also be much easier at this time of year to over eat or eat something which upsets your digestion. Exercise caution with what you eat. Ensure that you thoroughly cook your Turkey and otther meats. Make sure that such food has defrosted properly before cooking.


Life is full of potential hazards. Christmas time often sees people out of their comfort zone and therefore it is possible to experience more problems than usual, but only if you are follish. Plan your itinerary for the safest possible options for Christmas, so that your Christmas is fun, but above all, as safe as it can be.