Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping for some can be a fabulous experience. Here's a chance to get something for everybody we know, and we get to put a little piece of ourselves within the gift.

Personalizing your presents takes relatively little time and can make the enjoyment of the moment a memorable time for all. Everyone on our list means something special to us and that should be shown in the gift.

Once a year we gather, swarm the malls and retail outlets, mingle down the isles searching for that perfect item, to check another one off the list. As we get older our lists get longer, the family grows and our friends seem to multiply like gerbils. Having the time to get a little something special for all becomes more and more difficult.

Grouping your list into family, friends and associations, i.e.; work or a club you belong to, can make things a little easier because you may find more then one person who would enjoy the same gift. This could help a lot, if you're scratching off two or three people, when you find one item.

Get an idea of where you're heading with each of your gifts by adding comments to your list, like hobbies and interests of each entry, favorite colors or music, sizes, if clothing may work for a person. Gathering this information throughout the year is a good idea, just casual questions here and there, stored for future reference. Of course your family members are already known to you, so start the extra comments on your list with them.Christmas Gifts (32615)

Now you can group people by what they like and take advantage of going to one store for many. Another time saving tip. Write several lists from the main one, grouping people as you go. This can compress your driving time and save some fuel that can be spent on more gifts.

Where we shop is a big consideration and should be kept to the stores that fit within our budget. Paying more for a gift doesn't make the gift better; taking the time to personalize the gift will. Everyone on your list would rather you were thinking about them, than spending on them. Your comments about each entry on your Christmas list will help you to look for the right gift for each, with that special touch that will put a smile on the recipients face, that's what we're all looking for.

Save a few dollars and do your own gift wrapping. This can be a family fun night or just a melancholy moment alone carefully preparing the presentations we shopped so hard for. Ribbons and bows all twisted and tied, the card placed just right. Your own artistic talents can become part of your gift.

If you're a wizard at baking goodies, this can be a great way to show your love for those who matter to you. Knowing Grandpa's favorite cookie, or baking Grandma a pie with the recipe she taught you, can add a heartfelt warmth, more of a personal gesture, to these people who probably have everything they need by now.

If folks have a new house or a new apartment there is always a need for something. Visiting their home will usually gain you some insight to what's missing. Something you took the time to notice they needed. This will show you're interested in their life and they matter.

Children at ChristmasChildren are the best part of Christmas; unfortunately they are also the most expensive part. Parents will bend over backwards, while drinking water to fill their children's Christmas lists. And of course the list is always filled with the most expensive toys they make. We do the best we can with what we have and they smile for us on Christmas morning. This is our gift as parents.

Groups of people who we associate with, such as friends at the gym, or maybe you belong to a book club or similar venue. Gift cards for the same amount and same store, can make for another whole shopping trip go together and that's part of the gift to all the people in the group.

Vacations can be a good Christmas gift idea for giving our retired parents, or grandparents, that trip they could never take. Offering them a chance at visiting that spot they always dreamed of will make you special in their hearts for sure. This can be expensive, but if you have the means, very rewarding.

Trips can be a great Christmas gift for the kids too; they want to go to that theme park bad and you'll probably end up taking them eventually anyway. A ticket for a trip at a future date is a great stocking stuffer that will make that part of Christmas morning a big hit.

This is a great time of the year and making it a happy time for yourself and the people your buying gifts for, is as easy as putting a little bit of yourself in the gift. When consideration like this is taken, Christmas shopping becomes a wonderful time.

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