Christmas On A Shoestring

Christmas shopping on a shoestring budget is an article to help with some ideas to save some money in place of breaking the piggy bank, like so many of us do, when buying gifts for family and friends.

Getting something for everyone on our list is the goal before the big day gets here. We have our list of all the people in our lives, that make us who we are. Our friends are there when we need them and we top the list with family.

Shopping for gifts to show these important people, just how much we care, is important to us and a shortage of funds, can take a lot of the fun out of a traditionally happy time.

First of all we need to remember the people we're talking about are the ones who love us the most. They never measure our love by how much we spend on them. A small item that has a personal touch, will be just as good as spending a fortune, on some commercial product just because we can.

Antique shops are a very good place to get some nice gifts for the people in your family. You know the styles they display in their homes and this can be taken into consideration. Find matching items that will fit into the theme of their lifestyle.

These items can be small decorative items that are along hobby lines, or collectibles we know are of interest. It's the personal touch that makes such a difference here. We're showing that we've paid attention to the likes of this person, enough to remember and give them something they will remember in turn.

Home made items are a great way to save money at Christmas. Some will bake cookies and wrap them in foil and ribbons. Everyone likes a good cookie. (I recommend chocolate chip)

Bake a pie for grandma for a change, how many has she baked for you? Grandpas love brownies, leave out the nuts if yours has no teeth.

The extra time you take to make these will show you care enough to add a little of yourself to the gift. That's what we really want as human beings, to know someone was thinking of us, leading up to this day.

Christmas today is so commercialized that everyone's scrambling around trying to earn a ton of money, right before the holiday. Buying all the items on our children's list, trying to get the relatives and friends taken care of, one after another, we scratch them off our list.

Children always desire the newest and most up to date toy on the planet. Every fresh item that comes out, is on their list and cost is never even considered. Parents can be placed under a considerable amount of pressure at Christmas time.

eBay can be an answer, as well as some other on line auction sites. Find the items your children want and bid only what you can afford. Sometimes no one else will bid and the item may even come in under what we bid.

Budget for the whole holiday and then begin shopping. If an item doesn't fit within your budget for that item, then look elsewhere. Doing this will keep you from running out of money, with people left out. Smaller gifts for all beats none for some. No one wants to leave out a loved one, due to lack of funds.

Some second hand stores have items like video games and game systems for a fraction of the retail price. These are usually in near new, or new condition, as they take little abuse during use. This can show a substantial savings and provide a happy morning under the tree, for that child who just has to have a PlayStation, Xbox or Wii game.

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Christmas is a time for connecting with family and friends, enjoying each other's company. Having a traditional dinner while reminiscing on our lives together. Opening gifts around the Christmas tree, with jubilant siblings laughing and showing each other what Santa brought them, or the great gift from mom and dad.

Christmas shopping on a shoestring budget doesn't mean that Christmas can't be all we want it to be, it just means the care we shop with, should be better thought out.

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