Christmas Shopping for Your Significant Other

So you don't know what to get your boyfriend or husband for Christmas? Many folks get very confused when it comes to shopping for someone with whom you are intimate and share a lifelong relationship. This article addresses this confusion and may make the selection process a bit easier. This article explores different ways of Christmas Shopping for your Significant Others. We start with a simple approach. Suppose you are trying to select which gift is appropriate for your husband.

Listen to him. Yes, that's right. Throughout the year, listen to your husband's revealing his interests in his conversation. He will do this simply by focusing on one thing rather than another. Does he talk about golf clubs, a hunting rifle, new skis or a tuxedo? Has he developed an interest in a particular author? If he is rediscovering Hemingway, what about getting him a collection of Hemingway's novels? Does he listen to a newly discovered singer? Listening to your significant other is a great way to do Christmas Shopping for your significant other.

Christmas Shopping for Your Significant Other and the Telling Signs of What he Does

Christmas Shopping for Your Significant Other is made easier by just observing what your guy likes to do –particularly with his leisure time. Does he like to play chef and cook outdoors? What about giving him a state of the art rotisserie? Each year you can add accessories as gifts until he virtually has an outdoor kitchen.

Has he taken up speed walking but still uses a cross trainer shoe? Get him the shoes designed for speed walking. Or, maybe he sees a rerun of The Last Tango in Paris and becomes fascinated with the tango and does a rough version with you. Your response should be obvious. Ballroom Dancing lessons! And the neat thing is that you can share and learn to dance together and master more dances than you ever imagined.

Cyclic Patterns of Christmas Shopping for Your Significant Other

You can alternate the kinds of gifts you might call personal items, such as shoes, jackets, cologne, shirts, ties, etc. These gifts can be rotated so that you give shoes one year and the next year you give a jacket, then the next year you go back to shoes. You could express a theme that is repeated--- Safari wear or beach clothes or clothes for ballroom dancing. You can see both of you on a safari, wearing the most functional apparel for the safari. You can see the zebras, the lions, the giraffe and the tropical birds, m multicolored. You can see the two of you on the dance floor doing the rumba, the tango, the waltz. You can rotate the theme each year.

You could express a portion of yourself-a painting, a poem, some needlework. Otherwise, you may be basing the selection of your gift on the opinion of the merchant who selected it for you. Your gift should express yourself. Therefore, you must dig into the heart of who you are and base your gift on that. You are giving of yourself and this is the greatest gift of all. But how many gifts should I give him. Should I cross categories such as ballroom apparel and tennis rackets? And what about your children or his children? Should they get the same as their father? Here is where you need to establish a budget and stick to it.

Christmas Shopping for Your Significant Other: Money Matters

Set a budget by creating three categories: Your husband/wife or significant other; your friends and business associates or acquaintances. The first category is the one you spend most on. It could also be considered the most labor intensive. Suppose you created a sculpture for your wife. This stands to express a deeper caring than a piece of plastic a merchant may sell you. The second category takes in your children and hers; the third category merits holiday cards, not gifts: Hanukah, Christmas or Season's Greetings. Now you have a lot of options, so you still have to make some decisions. Which method of organization will you use? What is the limit of your total budget?

One factor that complicates the nature of the Christmas gift is the level of intimacy between the those in the category of significant other. For, example, the gift you might give him could range from cologne, to spandex, to a male enhancer.(And now there are female sexual enhancers.) Not knowing the intensity of the relationship is a big factor in making your choices less certain. This is a good area to explore. It is fruitful to ask yourself where the relationship is headed and the nature of it. In other words, uncertainty may prompt more dialogue between the couple and lead to even more understanding and more intimacy. And this dialogue may lead into another way of choosing your Christmas gift for him: ask him for a list of his choices and then pick one or more. The choices you make will still be somewhat of a surprise.

There are advantages to shopping the year around. You avoid the pressure of time and the massive crowds, and the picked over merchandise. But if you let Christmas sneak up on you, a gift certificate may solve your having to fight crowds. You need not even go out your door. If you want to send the actual gift, you can order gifts online and specify the date you want them to arrive. You can peruse the catalog of a given company online and see the merchandise rotate in three dimensions, enabling you to see the merchandise from many angles. If you order over a certain amount, you get free shipping from many companies.