Christmas Music and Traditions

Xmas is a joyous time of year.  Families create memories and create traditions.  Traditions are anticipated by young and old alike.  The holidays truly bring out the kid in each one of us and this article was written to help you to create your own customs for your family to look forward to each year.

A tradition that is always appreciated is the holiday treats.  Everyone has a favourite recipe that is only made at Christmas.  Some deserts are only featured at Christmas like gingerbread men and fruit cake.  Usually, families hand down instructions for their customary foods so that each generation can continue enjoying the treats. Like families, different places have special holiday fare.  If you are from a country with its own customary Christmas food, it is even better.  You can include all of your customary holiday fare, and add some new ones to make your festivity unique to you.  The best way to discover a great new Christmas recipe is to look the web and try out a bunch of recipes.  You will find a keeper that you can bake every year.

One of the most widespread Christmas things to do is sing Christmas songs.  Christmas songs are a favorite of one and all and it is simple to include them in your festivities.  The original Xmas songs were sung as part of a Pagan holiday to celebrate the winter solstice which normally takes place on the Winter Solstice.  Initial followers of Christianity then adopted these practices but rewrote the words to tell the story of Christianity.  Our current Christmas carols came from in the eighteenth century in England.  At this time, musical church services and singing Xmas songs in the streets became popular as well.  These customs are still in practice today throughout the world. Some well-known carols include: Silent Night, Frosty the Snowman and White Christmas. 

One of the oldest Xmas traditions is putting a stocking above the fireplace and receiving a gift placed inside.  Kids from all over the world uphold this custom in different ways.  Kids from France place their shoes by the fireplace.  In Hungary, children shine their shoes and place them near the door or window sill.  Kids in Puerto Rico have an even different way of celebrating this custom.  They place greens and flowers in small containers under their beds to feed the Three King’s camels.  Being given a gift in a stocking has a magical quality.  It is no surprise that this Xmas custom is so widespread.

One of the oldest traditions is decorating a pine tree.  Putting up a tree goes back to the 1400s in Estonia.  Monks initially danced around the tree and then lit it on fire in celebration.  Other accounts from that time speak of a small tree being ornamented with dates and pretzels.  The children would then take the sweets on Xmas Day.  This custom is similar to our current practices.  More modernly families put ornaments on a tree and place presents underneath.  Santa comes down the chimney and places presents near the tree.  Placing ornaments on a tree together with your family is a common tradition that people follow every year.  Make it your custom, by letting each family member put up their favorite decorations and create new ones each year.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year.  By starting new customs, your family will come to value Christmas all the more.  So decorate the tree as a family, create a new Xmas treat and find your favorite Christmas songs and sing them with friends.  Make Christmas the best time of year for loved ones and yourself!