Christmas through and through is a memory to behold. Why not try looking at Christmas through the eyes of all God's created children. Look at all the things that make their eyes light up and try to hold that in your heart this Christmas.

Children love toys and the maker of them all. Santa! The next present you hand your child take an extra moment or two and watch the glow that seems to last through the Christmas season.

Toys tend to be calling more than just boys and girls. It calls to Grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and friends to join in on a little or a lot of Christmas fun.

The next time guest come over let your Christmas little one help you with some of their added Christmas ideas. Children are creative and just need someone to let them share some ideas of their own.

Christmas should always be seen through the eyes of a child. Adults tend to rush through Christmas especially if they have jobs. Parents may have many Christmas parties to attend. Work places usually have these types of parties. Children should be thought of more than parties of like these.

Children's eyes look deep it seem into the eyes of every present, cookie and pies that come passing by. They don't want to miss a thing. Their wide eyes almost sparkle when a guest comes at the door. Why? The Christmas spirit has arrived even before the guest did.

Church during the Christmas season should remind us of all the Christmas programs we attended as a child. It also reminds us of the plays our family and friends hopefully will invite us to. Pure wonder fills their eyes as each church play begins until the last Christmas song has been sung. Joy can't help but be seen through the eyes of our children.

People should think like children. If they did the Christmas spirit would be in their homes all year round. The greatest story ever told from the Bible is one way of having the spirit of Christmas stay alive in our hearts all year.

The story of Jesus' birth lit up the manager so many could see. Now that's an amazing true story that should light up your heart this and every Christmas.

The next time you watch a young child pointing out toys and talking to Santa think about the wonder that lies deep within their spirit. It may be contagious. Let each and every child leave a drop of the Christmas spirit within you with each child that you meet.