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As you buy your children gifts for Christmas this year, you are probably already wondering about toy storage. Where you are going to put them all? Of course, one way to reduce your storage problems is to spend a little time during the weeks before Christmas thinning out the toys your children already have. This could be a wonderful time to donate items that they have outgrown to Goodwill Industries and other charitable organizations so they can be used to help others. However, if you are like most families, you probably will continue to accumulate toys faster than you can get rid of them.

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Here are some ways to keep your children's bedrooms, and your home in general, free of the clutter that inevitably comes after the holidays. Whenever you see the name of a product written in "quotation marks" you'll know that this is the exact name of the product, and you can use that information when you go into stores, or search for them online at sites like Amazon.

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Storage Bins

Many different companies sell open storage bins that fit onto specially designed racks. These make it simple for kids to scoop up their playthings into a bin, and slip the bin onto the shelf. Because of the open design, it is easy for children to see what they have without the necessity of digging through a deep toy box. Some examples are "Tot Tutors Toy Organizer Storage Bins and Organizer" and "Honey-Can-Do Kids Toy Organizer and Storage Bins." (See ads at the end of this article for current prices and Amazon links.)

If you don't want to be able to see all the toys, but you like the concept of storage bins, you may want to purchase the "River Ridge Kids 6 Bin Storage Cabinet." This storage cabinet holds six milk-crate size storage bins in cheerful colors. The storage bins slide in like drawers, and keep the toys hidden from view, except when the bins are slid out. It creates a very neat appearance for a child's room.

A similar concept is the "Kid Kraft Nantucket Storage Bench." This white bench contains three, white milk crate size storage bins underneath. The bench provides extra seating in the child's room, and the crates provide toy storage that looks neat by keeping the toys out of sight.

Toy Boxes

Not everything can be easily stored in storage bins. Sometimes, the items are too large or bulky to fit nicely into a little storage bin on a rack. In those cases, you'll want to have a chest that is designed especially for use by children. Some of the possibilities are the "Sassy Soft Sided Toy Organizer," the "Sassy Flower Pop up Organizer" and the "Little Tikes Giant Toy Chest." Another alternative is to simply buy large, clear plastic storage tubs with lids from Wal-Mart or Target. These tubs can usually be stacked, and the children can easily see into them without having to dig through them.

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Toy Hammocks

Another solution for storage is the toy hammock. These nets are especially designed to be hooked up in the corner of a child's room. They are ideal for storing all those stuffed animals which seem to multiply as the years go by. One simple and affordable hammock is the "Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock."

Book Storage

Children also seem to accumulate a lot of their own books, and you want to make sure that the bookshelves you purchase are designed to hold books at a child's height. It is very dangerous when children begin climbing on shelves and cabinets in order to reach their favorite book or toy. You could purchase a simple two or three shelf bookcase for a child's room and that would solve your problem. You can also combine book storage and toy storage by purchasing a combination unit such as the "Step2 Bookcase Storage Chest." It contains a toy chest on the bottom with a small book case above.

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Rolling Toy Storage

Do you like to let your children play in the den during the day, and then encourage them to pick up their toys and return them to their room before bed? One way to cut down on the bedtime tears is to make the process a little easier. Try buying the "Step2 Lift and Roll Toy Box" that is similar in style to an extra deep wagon. The kids can fill it with their toys, and keep their things stored in it. It's easy for them to move and, if they need a little help, it will be easy for you to handle, too.

Lego Storage

Legos are a wonderful building toy for both boys and girls. Legos allows them the freedom to create an infinite number of structures, all from their own imagination. There is even some evidence that children who play with Legos when they are young will have a better understanding of math and physics concepts when they are older. However, storing the little bricks, wheels, axles, and people can be a challenge. No matter what other storage solutions you use for other playthings, you may want a special storage unit to help the kids keep track of their Legos.

One great solution for Lego Storage is the "Neat-Oh! LEGO CITY ZipBin Toy Box & Playmat." It gives kids a place to both store their Legos and a mat for playing with them. Another solution is to buy your child a special Lego Table. These tables allow your child to set up their Legos and leave them in place, so that they do not have to tear their creations apart every time they are through playing for the day. You will want to encourage their creativity by giving them the opportunity to explore the possibilities of what they can build over a period of days or weeks!

Safe Toy Storage

One of the most important aspects of toy storage is to make sure that whatever you use is safe for your children. You want to choose storage units that they cannot tip over on themselves. You also want to select chests that will not harm your child if the lid falls down on them. Think of all the possibilities, as well as the age of your child, before selecting any storage unit for them. Then you can enjoy that Christmas buying spree, secure in the knowledge that your kids will have safe ways to keep all those new toys stored and organized.

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Easy to Use Toy Storage Bins

Honey-Can-Do SRT-01603 Kids Toy Organizer and Storage Bins, White/Pastel
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I love the variety of light-weight bins that fit on these shelves. They enable the child to remove and replace just one bin at a time.

Cute Toy Chest with Shelves

Step2 Lift and Hide Bookcase Storage Chest
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(price as of Jun 1, 2014)
This is a great unit for holding all sorts of playthings in the bottom, while providing them with a cute, stable set of shelves on the top.