CHRISTMAS TRAVEL TIME The months of November and December are considered heavy traffic times. what can be an enjoyable trip can often become more sadness then joy. many who travel during this time never make it to their destination. Some will make it but be late, some will arrive early. Let me give you some tips and incite for your holiday travel. When you make plans to travel for the holidays allow for things to go wrong. this could be as simple as a last minute change of plans, illness, job requirements, unexpected expenses. Most of these will only be a temporary set back. So what do you do? First don't panic, take a minute to see what your best course of action should be, look at the alternatives, and go from there. If you allow yourself to get upset about it you are wasting energy. For example; the morning you are to leave one of the kids starts throwing up. Do you call off your plans, or can you delay a day to see if it passes. What if the car suddenly develops a noise or won't start. Get it checked and if it has died, rent a car for the time you need. Have the car fixed while you're gone. What if you are on the road and the weather turns ugly and you are forced to stop until it clears. You can sit and pout about the bad luck or you can make a game of it and put your mind on other things. You are probably among others in the same situation so take time to meet new people and together weather the storm. What if you are traveling by, train, plane, or boat. Again you are not going to be alone. If you spend the time blaming the carrier for the problem it will just cause you to feel worse. Instead make the most of the time by catching up with each others lives. In this busy time families are going in ten different directions at the same time and have no time for each other. Join with others and play games and again make new friends. If you are driving you should plan to take along some food (non Perishable, extra water, a blanket, and a flashlight. These basic items will come in handy if you break down. If you have a cell phone car charger it could become a life saver. if you are caught out in the cold huddle together, don't run the car constantly, when you do turn on the car be sure it is ventilated. If you need roadside assistance raise the hood of your car to let police patrols know you need help. If you are in daylight you may not need to run your emergency lights as they will run the battery down if you can't start the car. Before any trip be sure to inform someone of your route and expected arrival time. In the event you are delayed by weather contact someone to let them know you are alright. Before leaving home for long periods have your mail picked up or stopped, your newspaper delivery stopped, and tell a neighbor or the police you will be gone so they can watch your home while you're gone. It is wise to unplug appliances such as microwaves, toaster ovens, coffer pots, TVs Computers and radios. Some of them have energy sources that will continue to add to you electric bill. When all is said and done be sure to enjoy your vacation trip, your family and friends, and try to stay safe