Christmas Tree Crafts(132573)Credit: morguefile.comChristmas tree crafts don't need to cost a lot of money, and they don't need to be complicated. They should be fun to make! Recycling materials, can be a great way to make Christmas crafts.

You can make holiday crafts out of any leftover scraps of fabric but one in particular that can be fun and easy to decorate especially for teens, is denim.

Here is one idea, if you like denim, and are looking for a "rustic style" Christmas tree craft to make. Find some of those old worn out jeans you have laying around, and recycle them into this craft.

If you don't have any old jeans, ask around your friends, or you can even get some at the thrift store. 

If you prefer a darker newer denim then you can buy it by the yard in the fabric stores.

Christmas Tree CraftsCredit:

Things You Will Need

Denim Ornament

old soft worn denim jeans

sewing machine, or can be sewn by hand

small amount of polyester stuffing or any soft material

lots of decorative additions such as beads, sparkly pens, fabric paint etc

decorative cord for hanging

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These are perfect for painting on denim.

Step 1


Trace a circle (any size you wish) onto a wide part on the denim legs, (jar lids are good for a circle template) and cut 2 circles.

Allowing 1/2 inch seam allowance, sew around the edges of your circle, leaving a small space for stuffing

Now clip your seams to make fringe, about 1/4 inch apart or closer, being careful not to clip seam.

You can leave the fringe like that, but I prefer to wash and dry the denim to make the fringe soft, white and fuzzy. (Make a few and then wash and dry them together)

Now, stuff your denim circle and hand sew the opening, catching the decorative cord in the opening for hanging afterwards. The stuffing helps to give your ornament a 3D effect, and show off your artwork. You can decide how much stuffing you want in your ornament.

You are now ready to decorate your Christmas tree craft.. This part is fun. Depending on the age of your kids, it can be anything from sparkles to embroidery, rhinestones and more. You can use all kinds of bead crafts on this project. You could even get your kids to date them as part of the project. These will last for years.

Then hang them in the tree.

You now have original, rustic works of art, either from yourself or your kids. You can make these any size, and have fun, and they will become treasured memories. .. You can get your friends or kids to sign them with permanent markers after a great Christmas party, or you can use your printer and make fabric photo copies (there is special programs and supplies for this) and sew them onto your denim ornaments.

These make great Christmas tree crafts, and rustic ornaments. Start these early, and let your kids get creative before all the business of the season is upon us. Have fun!

Tips & Warnings

make sure to empty your dryer lint trap after drying your denim circles, you get denim lint!