Every winter, people take out there holiday decorations and deck the halls and make merry through out the house. For most of these people doing the same theme and design is what they are after. Perhaps, it is time to change it up a bit with these Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas.


There are many different ways that you can decorate a Christmas tree. From the over top ideas to the more traditional ones, there is no wrong way to go about doing this. All you need is your base tree and your imagination to get started.

Purple Christmas Tree
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Purple Christmas Tree

A purple Christmas tree is becoming more popular with each passing year. While many would not think of this as a traditional color when it comes to the holiday season, more homes are beginning to showcase it.


You can easily get garland, ornaments, and all sorts of other decorations with which to create this theme in your house. Now you can choose to go from top to bottom with this one color or mix it up a bit. Some silver accents pieces here and there will look great if this is the Christmas tree decorating idea that you choose to go with.

toy christmas ornaments(119874)
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Toy Christmas Tree

There is something that brings us all back to our childhood when we see toys during this time of year. Whether they be actual ones or small ornaments based on some of our favorites, they tend to bring out the child in all of us.


You can furnish your holiday decoration from top to bottom with toys to create these amazing looks. You can choose a variety of toys to do your decorating. Perhaps a more themed showcase of one type like teddy bears is more of what you are looking for. The key is to let your inner child run wild with this theme.

blue christmas tree decorations
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Blue Decorating Ideas

Another great color to go with when you are thinking about Christmas tree decorating ideas is blue. Blue can make people think about the snow and ice that are outside and the winter weather, but in a good way.


Blue ornaments and lights can highlight this theme beautifully. Make sure to add some icicles and trimming in silver to really put your image over the top.


Snowmen Decorations


Create a winter wonderland with your Christmas tree being the showcase of all of your precious snowman ornaments and collectibles. Snowmen are a very popular decoration for this time of year.


They are friendly and a great theme for any house. The white is very neutral and will work well in a room that already has a lot of bold colors in it.


These Christmas tree decorating ideas should help to get your creativity charged to get your holiday decorations out and create a wonderful display. All you need is the perfect decorations that you can easily order online for the best deals and a little imagination and you can have a tree that friends and family will be talking about for years to come.


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