If you have an artificial tree or a faux tree that you take down and put back up each year, then storing them can be a hassle.

Have you ever noticed the neat cardboard box they come in when you purchase one never seems to house them again after use?  We have an artificial Christmas tree and we have to flatten out each branch and even then it takes two people to get it back in the box in January.

This year I have decided to really organize seasonal decorations in such a way that it is a pleasure to actually get them back out.  We downsized our home and storage space is at a premium.  So we got ruthless with many household items for the move, but the Christmas decorations still showed up in their garbage bags and beat up boxes.  It is now their turn to be organized.Christmas tree storage ideasCredit: morguefile.com

Some of our friends spend a lot of time and effort on decorating their homes for the holidays.  One friend actually has three faux trees in her house each year as she loves to decorate them.  I asked her where she put them in the off season and where she finds the time to get them all out and put together and decorated.

She said the slightly shorter one actually stays upright and put together on its base.  The base is on wheels and at the bottom is a bag that doubles as a tree skirt then she simply pulls it up and rolls the tree into a closet.  That is a great way to store one if you have the upright room.  It keeps the dust off and other than a little fluffing it rolls out ready for the next season.  You could even leave some decorations on it.Christmas Tree StorageCredit: Amazon.com

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Christmas Tree Storage Bag on Wheels

I now know how she would get decorated so quickly for the holidays.  She has one closet dedicated to seasonal decorations and so two of the trees will stand upright within one of these bags on wheels.  The other larger one would end up in one of the zippered storage boxes or bags you can get and put in her attic.

Christmas Tree Storage BagCredit: Amazon.com

Christmas Tree Storage Box/Bag

This one works best for me, as it can stack in a corner with the tubs of decorations and Christmas Light bag.  This year I decided that I would go through the decorations and throw out broken ones, and keep only the treasured ones and then invest in proper containers for them.

First on my list is the Christmas tree cardboard box that always ends up a dusty mess when it is dragged upstairs each year.  I don’t mind putting the tree together as that is part of the family fun for us, but storing it in this old box is no longer working.  I realized that when it came off the moving truck all beaten up!

I decided to look into getting a special bag or box just for the tree.  Almost like a Christmas tree duffle bag.  It will hold all the branches without having to spend so much time flattening them out. Depending on how big a bag or box you purchase you could leave parts of the tree together to make it a quicker next season when putting up the tree.   It will then store easily for me under my stairs along with the Christmas tree lighting bag and then the ornaments box. 

This way the three boxes can sit nice and neat, and protect their contents from dust and dirt and breakage.  When the time comes again, everything can be pulled out in working order, and you won’t need a specific day just to go looking for everything.  It will all be in one spot all ready to go.

Organizing seasonal decorations can be difficult, but if you get the right container for the right bits, then you can simply stack them properly in your basement, under your stairs, attic or garage or even a sealed shed outside.  You will easily recognize the containers which makes life easier when you are trying to remember whether you purchased anything new last year.

Christmas Wreath StorageCredit: Amazon.com

Christmas Wreath Storage

My mom just loved wreaths.  She would put them on the door, over the mantle, and everywhere, but they never seemed to store that well.  She would store them with the artificial tree and it would get flattened.  She would end up buying new ones which gets expensive.  You can get wreath storage bags that could then be put with your seasonal decorations storage area. 

Many people will purchase the artificial wreaths, but just like the trees, keeping them nice for years to come is hard if they are not covered properly for the rest of the season.  A garbage bag is one way, but it doesn’t take much for it to get crushed and then there is the matter of trying to find it amongst other garbage bags of goodies in your storage area.

This is probably why many people end up simply leaving the wreath up all year long!

It can get very expensive replacing and upgrading seasonal decorations, so if you have invested in a beautiful faux or artificial Christmas tree and some beautiful faux or artificial wreaths for your door or walls or outdoors and want to use them again the following season, then investing in good storage containers is one of the best ways.  I can't tell you how many beautiful ornaments and lights I have seen broken when we go to pull them out the following year.  It is also good to have a small area that is dedicated to seasonal decorations.  If you can stack them it takes up less room, or even store things upright like the tree on wheels above.  

You want to enjoy putting your holiday time together with family and friends on the main floor armed with warm beverages, not a day in the basement or dusty garage trying to find everything!  So invest in a less stressful holiday!