Christmas tree themese

Are you looking for unique and fun Christmas tree themes to spice things up a little bit this holiday season? If you’re sick of the same old random ornaments hung on the tree, why not go for a theme to create a beautiful and festive display. Christmas tree themes have become extremely popular over the past few years or so and retailers have made it easier than ever to shop quickly and easily within your theme. No matter which one you choose – all of these great options will spark your creativity and have you putting together your tree like never before!

Color Theme

Christmas tree themes that involve either one or multiple colors can make for a very organized and beautiful display. But how to choose the perfect one? If you’d like to really coordinate things, take a look at the room your tree will be placed in. Pick an accent color from that room and use that as your inspiration. Whether you choose a few or just one, it’s a great place to start. Christmas tree themes that involve a person’s favorite color are always a safe bet, as well! You could do all white for a classic and modern look or all pink to truly bring out your girly side. Retailers often organize ornaments and other decorations by color – so shopping for a color themed tree will definitely be a breeze!


Classic Christmas tree themes like a Victorian motif are sure to fit in in any type of “antique-style” décor. If you’ve got an older home, this will look absolutely gorgeous. Choose bulbs and garland that feature deep and rich colors like maroon, gold, and cream. Gold strands of beads that wrap the tree can be accented by twinkling white lights to give your tree that classic glow. Instead of topping with a star, go for something like an angel instead. There are plenty of different tree toppers available, so choose one that truly flows with your theme. Christmas tree themes are easy to put together once you have a vision in mind – so start brainstorming on your ideal Victorian tree!

Ladies Night

If you’re a single gal looking to add a bit of feminine flair to your tree – you may be trying to think of Christmas tree themes that really express your personality. Well you’re going to love this one! A “ladies night” theme consists of girly colors like pink and purple, and festive ornaments that depict everything and anything feminine. Search for decorative ornaments in the shapes of shoes, martini glasses, and jewelry. Drape a long string of pearls around the tree as your “garland” and this will be one of the most chic Christmas tree themes you could go with! It will have all of the ladies at your next cosmo night jealous!


While this next selection on our Christmas tree themes list could sort of be included under the “colors” category – this one sort of takes it to the next level. Choose all bright, primary colors that are found in the rainbow. Think bright red, blue, orange, green, yellow, and purple. Try and use these colors evenly throughout the entire tree, or cluster each color together for a unique effect. Multi-colored lights will definitely complete the look and have your tree looking both festive and bright!

Silver and Gold

They’re the two prettiest colors out there, and wouldn’t they make for some absolutely perfect Christmas tree themes? They certainly would! Pairing silver and gold together and creating sort of a metallic tree can create a very unique look and you can end up with quite a classic outcome. Choose various sized bulbs to create that “bubble effect” all over the tree and pair with bright white lights. The lights will reflect off the bulbs, making this one of the most gorgeous Christmas tree themes when viewed in a darkened or dimly lit room. Think of how gorgeous this would look during your annual Christmas party!

Colored Tree

Are you thinking of going artificial this year? Well why not kick it up a notch and go for a colored tree? These were very popular in the 50’s and 60’s and they’re definitely making a huge comeback. Whether you choose a silver one, a pink one, a blue one, or something totally off the wall – a colored tree paired with white or silver decorations can make for a very “retro” looking display. Get creative and find color pairings that speak to you! A great example would be to pair red ornaments with a silver tree. Such a funky effect and your tree will truly be one of a kind! If you’re going for that “modernly retro” look – you can’t go wrong with this one.

Winter Theme

If you can’t get enough of the snow and you’d much rather wear boots and a sweater than flip flops and a bikini – why not try a winter themed tree to honor your favorite season? A fluffy white tree skirt paired with white and blue ornaments will make for a virtual winter wonderland. Choose ornaments like snowmen, snowflakes, and other frosty items. White or blue lights will complete your display and have you sipping hot cocoa in no time.

Sports Theme

If the “ladies night” theme was definitely not up your alley – why not go for this awesome sports theme instead? Honor your favorite hometown basketball, football, hockey, or baseball team by creating a theme centered on their colors! Throw in some shaped ornaments for a little bit of added fun, but keep the focus on the colors. If you’ve got fan ornaments lying around – now is the perfect time to put them to use! Go team!

So now that you have a whole arsenal of awesome ideas to choose from, it’s time to start decorating! Plan your theme out beforehand and have a clear vision before hitting up the store for ornaments and other supplies. If it’s colors, decide on a shade and be sure not to stray. Those different shades of red will clash when put together on the tree! With the right amount of creativity and patience, you can create these Christmas tree themes in no time!